We Are All Parts Of One Body In Christ

We read it but it does not seem to sink in. People try their best to get people to follow after their footsteps. I do the same thing. Are we not all different parts of the body of Christ! So, people are not the same as each other. It has always been my heartache that I need to go with the flow of the group. But then I have already been round this mountain, I say to myself. I would like to learn something I have no idea about to increase my knowledge in Christ Jesus. Hence, I study Scripture. It takes me to places in my heart that touch me deeply and awesomely. God’s touch. My Father’s hand. For He knows my heart well. He knows every single part of me in every single place that I have not even known yet in myself. He knows how far I can reach in Christ and how deep and wide and long. He knows the love in my heart that He has put with His very own hands. He sees everything. Nothing escapes His eyes nor His heart. The beat that pounds in His heart pounds in mine. Nothing can separate me from His love for me as I have been faithful every day of my life. Where there has been choices, I have made the ones according to His statutes and ordinances. I fail but little. I am wrong but not so bad. I cling on to the word like it were my life. How ironic, right. Jesus is the Word of God. The Word is the person of Christ our Lord. O, but perhaps, I have had such a good start in my childhood years. I was taught well, with one tiny spoon at a time. One morsel. I ate and was taught to be satisfied in this very place that endures forever though all the heavens and the earth shall pass away and there shall be a new heaven and new earth and a new Jerusalem. What more can I say for today. Hence, I look back at the song He gave me and know this, I have progressed and shall progress further with the help of the church. The body of Christ. God makes ways no one can imagine nor press on. 

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