Saved or not

One day I was sitting in the food court waiting for my husband after our afternoon prayer meeting and overheard this conversation between two elderly women. One who had joined in an elderly fellowship in a Catholic Church was enlisting her friend to join in. Which indeed I thought was excellent t and was happy to hear. I smiled. But what I heard next, saddened my heart. She told her that all she had to do was to follow the way of the things they did even if she did not believe.

Now, we all know the key word of John 3:16 is believe. 

And all benefits and companionship and free things would be hers to obtain.

It is at this place the Lord is speaking to my heart. So glad to see our Global University taking the biblical stance. 

In today’s world of anything goes. Now just anything, it is heading for more distance between a holy God towards the evil of the one who is still in this world. 

Holiness comes at a cost. Living in accordance to the word of God who is Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Holiness begets holiness. 

Sin begets sin. 

And so on and so forth. 

So, we all need to wait until the day of the Lord to know if some are saved or not. 

We are instructed that a life given to Christ will display the fruit that is attached to the vine in Spirit. Not by our own strength but by the Spirit of the Lord. 

And what is not useful will be pruned and tossed into the fire.

From a very young child I was taught the ways of the Lord. From a young married mother I was instructed to abide by the word. Though my teachers were tough on me I learned that the only way is the word, Jesus is the word of God. 

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