Hey, It’s All About Jesus Jesus Jesus


How are you all doing in Christ Jesus our LORD ….. I have to say I have had this wonderful year of 2016 and the LORD rewarded me. HE gave me a crown. A Spirit crown. Not heard about it at all. I was just working on my rewards on my five other crowns but as heaven is a place we really do not know about ….. really really. I got given a crown in the Spirit. A prize for my work well done in 2016. HE gave it to me just after the New Year. Then HE reminded me that the Spirit who glorifies the Son and the Son who glorifies the Father …… in whom HE is well pleased. The Son is the focus of our life as HE is our salvation for all who believe and the Son is the way to our Father in heaven and the Spirit is more like a silent partner. We really do not see the Spirit nor do we know when HE comes and goes like the wind in John 3. So, I’m this very happy happy woman in 2017. It was very hard work last year but it was all worth it. In our cruise, we met with this lady whose husband has had cancer for twelve years and there is nothing they can do any more for him. She hangs on to Scripture to survive this very hard time and her mother has dementia. Actually, both my husband and I were on our way to a show and then a snack before bed but for three hours which seemed like half an hour, she talked and talked an talked about Scripture and all her problems until really the staff were getting worried and said ‘goodnight’ to us but still it was half an hour later that we all left. There was no way I was to know in the beginning of our conversation that her husband was terminally ill but in the very beginning of the conversation, I gave her the verse, absent from the body, present with Christ. And finished off the night with, the joy of the LORD and Jesus being the prince of peace. Which she had. And in the beginning about being in the midst of the storm with Jesus like the three youths in Daniel. I did not know she was in such a huge storm.



THY will be done, for those in the midst of the storm.


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