A New Winter Season With Fresh Outpouring Oils Of The Holy Spirit

I’m just back from vacation and we have just had a two-day conference. The entire church was asked to join in. It has been most surprising. When I was young I would be instructed by my bible teacher to ever go forward to the altar for the laying of the hands, no matter who and where to get the anointing and she took us out with her and we all fell over without fail. When I was younger she would guard our faith with her iron-clad faith in the Word of God. I have found myself doing exactly the same things that was done unto me. I have found myself over the years guarding the faith of not only my children but also those that I work close with and those I work together with. As it was ever told around me that no one was to harm me as a little one nor those who studied with me in bible study, also was the desire to never hurt any of our little ones but to keep them safe in the Word and to make sure I never do anything to weaken their faith in Christ Jesus our LORD. So these last two days I asked my home group members to go forward for the laying of the hands. I guard their faith and seek God’s  anointing for them and was most surprised. At the altar which is my home the oils of the Holy Spirit covered me from head to toe and I received a fresh new garment of righteousness. The oils flowed down down down from my head like Aaron. I will continue to guard the faith of those I work with and also my children as we are ever working closely together at the altar. Much to my surprise, when I took my home group members out and watched them to make sure they were alright as they were laid hands on, I too, was filled filled filled. I have been instructed to share my journey as a seer and so I do.  I ❤ this song as we sang it today. We are in the third service now with all the young adults and our Sunday School. God is good all the time.



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