In Deep Thought In My Essays

I am in the process of writing some essays so I am reading some books. Listening to some sermons. I have so done what was done to me as a child in my twenties and thirties and forties. I had learned that no matter how rebellious some of us were, it was far more important to keep them in the race. Life gets people down. Some situations are dire. It’s not great and it’s certainly no fun. But, to keep them in the race is the responsibility of the pastor. This is my essay for my Global University course. Everyone is in different stages of their walk. In different areas of growth. In different life breaking situations. The hardest part is to keep them not only studying the Word, not just reading it, but living a life that is according to the Word of God. Scripture. The world is a mess and the mess that is out there is also seeping into our churches. It is dire to keep them biblical and not compromise their faith. Keep them in the faith. For what reason but so they can finish. Finish good. You see when a surfer rides a wave, the wave keeps him up and going. It is just like this in the Word. Walking in the Word. A holy life. Holy thoughts. It is a leader’s responsibility to lead his ministry, accountable to God. 


Man walking on Bible

How much peace is to be found in this place of the Word with Christ our LORD. With our Father and the Holy Spirit. How much peace in the deep deep waters of the Word, can be found, a person living out the holy life. How to impart it to our children. Our sons and daughters. How to be able to join in together, to make a difference in the choices they make daily. In their thoughts. If they but just keep in the Word and think it, eat it, drink it, breathe it. Never departing from them in mind and heat and soul. Engulfing their entire being. The Holy Spirit fire of Acts 2 ever burning. The eternal flame of the Word buried deep in the inner-most parts that the LORD so intricately fashioned in them. How do you impart this. By example. 


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