Spirit Come And Bless Our Days

I’m still in thought in my essays. And what it will look like on Sunday at the altar during our prophetic service. Not realized Chinese New Year is but a couple days away. Wonder if our services will have less people as it is the second day of the Chinese New Year. Only realized this when I asked my husband yesterday. Think the Holy Spirit is important so I am posting this biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit illuminate my mind so I can write within the boundaries. ie The requirements. The LORD is talking about boundaries. At the altar, we are in the presence of the LORD. HE is walking among us like Jesus was with the youths in Daniel in the fiery furnace. Do you think in the presence of the LORD we should act with reverence before HIM. Then I parallel this with the prophetic art and dance and worship with banners. My finger painting. Honestly, it is so important to understand boundaries and work within them. God is a God of order. Otherwise there would not be the narrow gate nor do not walk to the left or right. Nor the judgement of the great white throne. So then, I am thinking whatever we are doing not to take the attention away from the presence of God. Then, concerning my essays, to write within the boundaries of the requirements. Indeed it is so easy for me to write free but boundaries. Multi-tasking in my mind. Think listening to lectures are good for me in this new season. Adding to my walk. 


In all of this, the gospel as the great commission is our next course. 

Did not know I could fit the pictures like this. Cool. I like that light coloured banner. We really need to integrate prophetic art into our service. Will start this Sunday. A beginning at least. All the gifts of the prophetic need to be used. 


Our new Global University Course. Called Niran and we are doing our course at the same time.


I have an old monitor, a twenty-four inch one. My current one is twenty-eight inches. Thinking of putting up the old one side by side my current one so that I can open my Logos Bible on the twenty-four inch. There will be more space, don’t you think! But I do not know how to plug it in so that they work side-by-side. Sorta like this. 


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