The Pleasure Of Multi-Tasking

We are doing a new thing this season of 2017. We are in the third service and I’ve been asked to do new things and not the same same. Well, we have done things differently last Sunday and this Sunday we will add prophetic drawing. And I stopped at that, as is there more. But then this morning when I awoke, I got more of what can be added into our prophetic worship. We are to use our talents and not bury them under the soil and then dig them up and give them back to Jesus so, here goes. I had seen many with pain and sorrow last weekend in our ‘Breakthrough’ Conference. I just like to sit at the altar. I feel so safe there.

Well, I went to two courses of learning how to talk and minister to those who are suffering. Well, I thought it might be a good idea as our altar is the throne room of Christ our LORD in Revelations that they can come also and write out their pain and sorrow in a letter, a message, a poem or just draw. And lift it up to the LORD. Take it home and continue to use this method to reach out to Jesus at HIS throne of grace. We can incorporate all the gifts of the Spirit at the altar of Christ Jesus our LORD.

I was indeed so touched by this picture of the trampling of Christ Jesus our LORD that in my quiet devotion to Jesus, listening to Him and hearing His voice in visions and dreams, I was brought to the cross. 


there HIS blood flowed thick and slow
it moved not fast but lingered on
the slowness of the blood drew me to it
in exchange
I put my finger up
and right at the drop that lingered
I touched it
slowly it trickled down my finger and hand
I put what was left of the drop of the blood on my tongue
I slowly tried to taste the taste of the blood of Christ Jesus our LORD
there is no taste
I was taken from me to see what I looked like
I was pure white
His life for mine
Jesus paid it all
once and for all
taste and see that the LORD is good
I trample not nor deny my Adonai
but draw nearer and closer to HIM
than all my yesterdays
is it the intimacy of Christ our LORD that I desire with all of my heart
ask HE says and it will be given unto you


So, you see we are in the third service and it’s a prophetic service and I’ve been asked to do something new. To use my talents. Hence, drawing those also, close to Christ our LORD. Is it not after Christmas, with the cross before us. Then Pentecost.  

I am using my talents to serve Jesus, Christ Jesus our LORD. And in my mind, I still am in deep deep thought in my essays in ‘The Work Of The Pastor’. Love his teaching about returning back to the original text to get deeper understanding of the text. 


Jesus is the way the truth and the life.


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