Do You Love God?


It has come to this. Just for one scholarly source. 

It is so important to love God, first and foremost. More importantly, one must love God. 

Indeed it sounds so simple but then when did you ask someone if they love God. We are not even yet getting into the first commandment. And the second. Just loving God. This is such an important question as if you do not love God, who gave His life for ours, then, the next question should be. Do you love yourself? As if you do not love God. Do you know how to love yourself? Then we get to husbands, family, friends. 

I have fought so hard to study Scripture since my early twenties. Even to this day. Why? I love God so much. More than anything or anyone. Then my husband is next. Not only is God not a respecter of persons. Neither is man. God chooses whom He wants to love Him. But man. Well, if you love God, then. People are not going to respect you more because you love God. Nor anyone else, only those who love God first. More than anyone or anything. 

Think Steve’s song is so beautiful. I’m blessed beyond I could ever imagine. I forget sometimes and I want more and more and more and more of God. This is. Think seers are more misunderstood than any other gifting. Why? Cos we see Jesus. They always throw in the ‘doubting Thomas’ passage at us. God chose us to see Him. 

I ask my own family this question all the time. Or my Sunday School early to mid-teens. My daughters. My children. This is actually a very important question.

Do you love God?

I’ve loved God since I could think. Think of anything that is. The first thing is that I know God and love Him. Then, it all happened. I could feel His presence. His voice. His tender voice. I am not just today this, all Jesus person. All God person. I was never not an all God-person. Not an all-Jesus person. I admit, I was only a Holy Spirit person in my twenties. 

Think we should make this question a part of our casual conversation. Just a matter-a-fact thing like, are you hungry? Or how are you?  I cannot count the times I have asked my own family this question. And those around me. 

Do you love God?

Think this is also what a Pastor should ask his children. ‘The Work Of The Pastor’ still in my mind. 

Do you love God?


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