Attitude Attitude Attitude

I have started my essays. ‘The Work Of The Pastor’. Would you believe it, I checked our study schedule as I was a bit worried about back to back different studies. It has been advised me to only do one study at a time. Alas, Luke (PUP) starts right in the middle of my Global University course of ‘The Great Commission’. And Luke is only one or two chapters a week. By the time we start Luke, we would have ended ‘The Great Commission’. You just got to look at it from my point of view. OK OK OK, I have to be able to absorb and multi-task. 

Still wondering what the ‘manna’ tasted like. O, so good, ‘The Work Of The Pastor’. Life is not easy. Life is about working hard at studying Scripture. To think we are all gifted differently. Doing different things. At different places. In the last sermon a couple of days ago, he was asked why he does not go out on the mission field. He is where God planted him. We are all planted in places God places us. We do not need to do what everyone is doing. I could like do this forever. 


No kidding. I have often wondered why it is so hard to get people to study Scripture. It’s like trying to drag an elephant through a door. Impossible. I sound like an old broken record, my husband says. He just wants to read it. I want to know everything there is to know about Scripture. God has my life all laid out before the foundations of the world. All I have got to do is to co-operate with HIM. Now, one does get a bit doubtful but then when you start to study, it just goes on to fifth. And I cruise. Let it cruise. Y’all know the feeling right. This is what they say about me. I start slow but when I start going, there is no stopping me. 

Life is so exceptionally good. For this seer. 


What is the LORD speaking to me about? 
Taking care of my children. My sons and daughters and the families and encourage them along the race. Encourage them to ‘never give up’ their good fight of faith. To finish good. Not to quench the Spirit. Pray without ceasing. Worship the LORD my God with all of my heart in Spirit and in Truth. Love Jesus and love one another. Be of good cheer for Jesus has overcome the world. Walk through the fire in tough times like Daniel and the youths. Christ is with us. In us. For us and not against us. Speak the Word. Truth. Christ Jesus our LORD. The LORD. Bless the LORD O my soul and forget not about our benefits. Finish strong. Be alert at all times. The LORD is a shield around me. As the oils dripped from Aaron from his head all the way down and so it is this with me. Be holy as I AM is holy. Consecrate thyself. Do not touch any unclean thing. Be reminded at all times that I serve a holy God. HE is high and lifted up. Do not have any idols in the high places. Never stop studying Scripture. It is for edification. Test the spirits with the Word. Drink from the water of life, Christ Jesus our LORD. God is Spirit. 

I am in this really quiet place in Christ. My dizziness has left me after the puke in repentance. 


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