O I Cried When I Read Fisher’s Aroma Of Christ

Indeed, I did cry reading Fisher when it got to the part of the aroma of Christ. Honestly, in ministry it is like being the pastor. Dunno about the rest of you but I’ve gone through nearly all of what Fisher is talking about and he wrote that in 1996. The jars of clay. Broken hearted in ministry. A parent. A mother to our children.

Hey, y’all, it’s groundhog day today.  Woolly woolly really is smiling. I am laughing so hard. 



I cried last night about the aroma of Christ. For those of us, who have been at the base of the cross when Jesus’ body was brought down. Well, there was so much blood, there was no way to wipe off His face, so I took my hair to wipe the blood off His face. Since, my hair has had this aroma which cannot be washed away. Just on Sunday before church, I had to give my hair a good good scrub so that it would not permeate the air with the aroma of the blood of Jesus. What is spiritual in Christ is more of a reality of the minuscule life we have here on this earth for not even a moment in time. 


I love prophetic art. The light. What aroma do we smell or others when we walk along our journey? 

Do we smell like Jesus?

Family trees. In our ministry, in our church, are they family? 

I’m an all Jesus person. All God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit person. 

I love this song. Right in the throne room of Christ Jesus our LORD. 

Do you see it?

Back to the last three chapters of ‘Fisher’ and the last question in my CRA of my Global University Course. 


Tomorrow, the project. Then done. 

I have to say the only other book that was this much fun was the one on ‘Man and Sin’. Thoroughly enjoyed that one. Nothing like a good book in our bible library. As I listen to heaven, I but wonder if heaven to me on this earth is studying Scripture. The privilege of. 




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