The Last Fruit Of The Spirit

To know who you are and know when to use self – control. My friend has come back from Canada. We used to bowl all around in the past years and she and I are having an afternoon tea. Maybe the other bowlers will meet together as well. When I bowled I had to control my anger otherwise I would lose the tempo and rhythm and not be able to relax and not excel. Is life any different after the game?
A bit, I suppose. The last gift of the spirit is self – control. It is taught the reason that it is the last fruit is because it is the hardest. The most difficult. 
I was born with the most aggressive spirit that is possible to have. Of this world. When I finished the game, it was common sense that what I used on the lanes was not applicable in life in everyday society. 
Well, in business I would say, yes, but as a believer, self – control. 
The crucified life. 
I had used to wonder why the rest of the bible study girls were goofing around when we were supposed to be learning seriously. I then realized they were all like that. Every single one. Their focus was not there.
Y’all feel the oils of the Holy Spirit all over your back and neck and face and arms and stuff.
I do.
Inside of me there is the warrior inside. A great fighter. One day I wanted to plunge my sword but in the end, it was really not a good idea at all. I look up at our church’s ceiling all the time. The street I live in. My home.
I suppose there is a time and a place for battle.
I need to do my corrections as I have not constructed the sentence right according to the requirements of citing Fisher or Scripture or scholarly sources. Nor is my reference list in the right order. So tonight, I will be doing my corrections. This and that stuff. A little here and a little there.
Find a good sermon or seminary lecture.

My heritage from the LORD.

Some days I find myself sprouting out Hebrew from Scripture without knowing that what I am saying is true to the text, like it was my second language.
God is Spirit. 

Changing a dying planet.
My grandson will start drawing this Sunday at the third service as we are in the throne room of Jesus. What better place to sit with Jesus and seek HIS face, face to face. 


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