I’m A ‘Peach The Gospel’ Person

Gosh I’m so tired after completing the two papers. Exhausted. It took me four hours last night but it was all worth it. It has taken a bit more than a week to gather information but the reference list took up so much time. I’m a seer and I spend all my days listening to the voice of the Lord and seeking His face. Who would pay me for spending all my time with Jesus. Kris Vallonton from Bethel also said this in one of our lectures in our church. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I’ve completed ‘The Work Of The Pastor’ and in his work it’s about the congregation and the normal daily functions of the office in which he works in with his staff. How can he fit it all in. I’m just in my little banner ministry.

I’m a preach the gospel person. I was invited by ‘Christ For The Nations’ to preach the gospel with them in front of a million Africans after my visions of Jesus’ crucifixion. I did not go. I went to the course. Preach the gospel one. I learnt how and when and why and what to do as my bible teacher arranged a family teaching in their church here with their son as well. Her husband was the senior pastor and their son the pastor. I got it. I preached the gospel to anyone and everyone nearly twice round our world tour. I tell you it is not hard. It’s the easiest thing in the whole wide world. For me. 

One of the criteria for our ‘Service Learning Requirements’ in ‘Global University’  in ‘The Great Commission’ is to preach the gospel three times to a person, group or whatever. So, I just went right up to do it yesterday. And my friend after the fourth time in fifteen years, accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. I need to document it and share in a public forum so in the next few days after I get over this fatigue, I will write it all out, the entire account and publish it. As usual. We are not to keep our gifts but share them round like the parable of the talents.


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