Now I’m Deep In Thought About Our Great Commission Strategies’




Deep in thought last night about Chapters 1 & 2. I’m reminded of the discussion at our bible study years back about being saved or not? Back to the same subject. Quite a difficult thought. Not really thought about it. We are saved by grace so that none may boast. Jesus paid it all on the cross. Our IST talks about the heart. Only God knows the heart. In one of the past books in our courses. We have done many. I cannot remember how many now it’s been such a long time, it talks about …. I lost my trail of thought. This is what being sixty does to a person. Just a few years back I could have gathered the thought backwards just like that. Without a thought. Just think back to trace my thoughts. What a bother. O yes, got it back. We can cheat. It did not use this word but it’s like walking the walking and talking. We can seem to walk the walk and talk the talk but really we have learnt to learn how to talk and walk but deceive those around because it has become a social gathering and not a heart job where God is involved. See the problem. It took a couple of minutes to catch the thought. In the past, just like that. Fast. Difficult thought to process. God knows the heart but surely, yes. God said that man is evil continuously and even in the gospels Jesus left for He knew man. I am ever brought back to these verses to remind myself that even the elite will fall and fail and there will be a great falling away. If church is just a social community and not a God – driven community, the danger is to be lost in the … remember the day when I met the old dears who talked about just joining cos then they could have social functions and fit in and enjoy people. Gosh, this is too hard to think about. Not read on anything that speaks about this area of ‘believer or not believer’. OK I finally get the point of leaving a journal about all of this for if I do not leave a journal, then where is the witness. We are to witness that ‘we are’ disciples or ‘we are not’ disciples. I think the good point about it this morning is this, ‘even I may be deceiving myself’. Hold this thought as I need to go to the course. Maybe there will be more answers. And yet, on that day of ‘saved or not saved’ there were no answers. We just have to get back to the crux of the matter. Study diligently the word of God. Think in all of this, ‘Thy Word if a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.’ All the answers you can get is in the word. Study it diligently and encourage one another to study it diligently as well. The more the merrier. How hard it is to get people to study the word. My gosh. It’s hard. Not just ‘read’ but ‘study’ it. I don’t like to keep it simple in my thoughts. Why ever. If there is more to grasp, grasp it. I’m ever really deep in thought about the things of God. It keeps me alive and going. Biblical view is my thing. I’m lost in the LORD. What a peaceful place to be in. Jesus loves me this I know cos the bible tells me so. This is hard work. God thinking. When will my faith be complete? When I see Jesus face to face. Please see it from my point of view where I’m standing at the moment. I worship and so do my daughters. Spiritual daughters. We are in heaven. Then the great commission. Then in Chapter 2 of the IST it talks about if you are really saved then there will be a change of your life style. Now, this life style can be imitated so that a person can look like any other depending on the church you go to. Right. Think I should really start here. Think about it. hahahahahahaha And then move further but then it is only God who knows the heart. Yet in the Spirit, the Spirit reveals all things pertaining to God (ICor2:10). So, we can depend on God to reveal it to us, whether or not a person is saved or not. Hard. Hard thought. Think it is better to think about it than not at all for if you do not even bother to think about it then you will never get an answer from the Lord, right. At least then if you do seek the Lord in these times of need. ie Not that I need to know as it probably won’t come up in any of the questions but then it is good to know. As, to know at least, a bit about it?  But it says, we have the mind of Christ. Now that is an improvement of thought for the Spirit leads us to all things. 

Life is good. Jesus loves me and in our GU course of ‘Great Commission Strategies’, we have been exhorted that we are not to dwell on what we do not know but dwell only on the things that we do know. Scripture based of course.  

Anyone with me here. Jumping happily on the rock of my salvation. 

Fight the good fight of faith but ever being reminded that I’m a warrior. A fighter. So, just fight for Jesus. How that rage inside of me needs to be controlled. That killer instinct. We all have our old man. In Christ, I can win it all. 


Tomorrow I coach.




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