Great Commission Strategies (Global University, Service Learning Requirement) The Gospel – 1

The Gospel

John 3:16 (ESV)
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.


I had met with a friend whom I had bowled with in the Hong Kong National Team for many many years. We bowled together all over the world and we spent a lot of time training in the Hong Kong Sports Institute but at different times. We traveled to many countries. We cried over our loss of scores. We had all our meals together and suffer the same injuries like our weak knees and bad backs and necks and feet. When we had stopped the game, I would preach the gospel to her and did so on three other occasions. But she had refused to accept Jesus into her heart as Lord and Savior of her life. When I took the course, it was explained that a one on one was the best way to preach the gospel to someone. With a heavy heart over the loss of a long time friend who rejected the gospel a year before she died, I expected nothing but another rejection. So I approached the subject, reminding her of the other three times I  had shared the gospel but to my amazement she did not remember those times. I had explained our friend’s rejection of the gospel and her death just the last year, though she was just a social bowler. I therefore asked her if I could share this gospel with her again, the fourth time as it was my Service Learning Requirement in my Global University Course. She agreed to let me speak to her about it.

The Two Minute Gospel

I put a fourth time at the top left to let her know this is the fourth time I am sharing the gospel with her. I drew this picture and told her that man is here to the left of the picture, separated from God. God is to the right. In between, I asked her if she knew who the cross represented. She answered that it was the cross. I then asked what the cross meant. She said it is the cross of Jesus. So, I asked her who Jesus is. She replied that He died on the cross. So I asked if He died what happened to Him next. She told me that He was buried. Then she added that He rose from the dead. So I asked her where He was after He rose from the dead to which she told me He went up to heaven. Then I told her that Jesus is the Son of God and whether she believed that He is the Son of God. She said that she believed He is the Son of God. I asked her if anyone in her family is a Christian to which she told me that her sister and her family are Christians. But that they had never preached the gospel to her though she lived with them. I explained that when she believes that Jesus is the Son of God, she crosses over the top of the cross into eternal life. I then led her to the sinners prayer to which she repeated after me. 


I explained that the gospel is a heart job and that the power lay in the gospel itself and not me as a mere human. That she would hear God. I then wrote on the picture and asked her to write them down in Chinese for her own keepsake.


I  had then asked her a couple of questions regarding my sharing of the gospel. I asked if when I approached her if I was a bit harsh or was a gentle and friendly and kind. She agreed that I had not been aggressive to share the gospel with her but it was a comfortable sharing. Next, I asked if she felt uncomfortable with me over my sharing Jesus but she said it was fine. Then I asked if I was the turning point of her belief in the gospel or was it God. She said it was not me, it was God.

In conclusion to my findings in this sharing of the gospel, I found that it is true that if you have a close friend whom you have spent lots of years with and in difficulties and victories we have cried together, it is easier for the other person to accept the gospel rather than reject it. I also found that it is not a one time thing. Even if a friend refuses to accept and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and in believing that they will have eternal live in heaven, they will one day say yes to Jesus. 



This is my friend. We have traveled the world together. Suffered together. Cried together. Once we were together for four years straight as we were in training for the Asian Games. It was a four year program. We even had adjoining doors so when they played marjong, I would be in the other room watching TV. When she was terribly ill I prayed for her during her operation for three hours, kneeling on my bed and asking Jesus to heal her. I went to the hospital and visited her daily for two to three hours. She appreciated it. I told her not only are we friends for life but for all eternity as well. She smiled. I asked her if she liked my presentation for my Global University Theology Course. She smiled and asked me why I would do such a thing at our age now that I do not even need to study the Scripture. I told her I loved it and always have. She smiled and after a three hour afternoon tea she went off on her way to meet with other friends for dinner. I was delighted and my heart soared as eternity together in heaven is no small feat. 



I hope in my creativity not only in the gospel but also with the love of Christ for my friend, you have enjoyed my work for Jesus, Global University. 


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