I Suffer From My Old Nature Of Rage In The Game Of Tenpin Bowling As An Elite Athlete


I suffer from ‘rage’, my old nature. I was a most effective elite tenpin bowler. The rage in me, got me the gold. I would snowball all the way to the end without looking back until the rage in me diminished and was calmed. My old nature. Sometimes, I stop myself. No, this is not for out of the lanes. As this rage in me was satisfied on the lanes, I was able to love my team mates with all of my heart and those around the nations of the world. I battle inside with this rage. It was actually taught me by my Japanese National Coach. He has taught world champions throughout the years. Most effective in getting the gold. 

You could say that this is the way I have gone after Jesus. Not in rage but in passion. I win all the time. This is caught not taught. Unless you have the ability to kill, you cannot get the gold. Every elite athlete would tell you this. Hence, therein is my personal battle. My old nature verses my new one. 

O but it is said that this is good, especially in business. Well, not for me. So you see the elite athletes are very high up in the business they are doing. 

I can honestly say I know how to fight. But why fight.


Why has this come up?

The game.

Is transparency good?



You can blame Trisha for this. She loves to tell us to tell it all.


So, in all of this. 

Jesus Jesus Jesus


Healer and the Lover of my soul. 


My good point, I get right to the point where Jesus is concerned. I get it right all the time. All just Jesus Jesus Jesus.



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