Life Is Really Really Good

Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come. I’m such a focused person the decades pass by and by the time I stop and see where I have come, I smile. Life is great. I cannot complain. I’ve had it easy peasy. My friend from when we were kids is coming for a short visit. Our mothers were best friends. When they used to get together, they used to talk talk talk talk talk when we were kids, then teenagers and then adults. Now, their daughters talk and talk and talk. Our dads worked in the same place. It’s funny how life turns out, right. Tonight we went with another friend when I first started bowling and bible study and for decades we used to stand and watch her husband sing in his  concerts. Our boys were babies then and now they are in their forties. How funny life is right. We used to bowl and still study the bible together and still listen to her husband sing in his concerts. We both wave up our banners unto the LORD and kneel at the feet of Jesus and sing love songs to Jesus. Isn’t life great. Then my other classmate, we serve together in a prophetic prayer group together and serve in our church together. Life is great right. See these beautiful pictures on the screen tonight in the concert. 


And the thing is, we are all believers. 



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