To Know Your Rightful Place In The Big Picture Of Things

What’s the most important thing in life?
The LORD, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I got it right from the time I started to think. Think it’s really important to teach our kids from the time of birth about the most important thoughts. Thoughts on the LORD. It makes for a good life of good choices. The narrow gate.


The water of the word of God.


To know my place in the big picture of all things. I got this right as well or rather, my two teachers teach me by example where my rightful place is. I’m a woman. Indeed, we are to be found ever at the feet of Jesus, our LORD Jesus who is the Christ. Lady. Lady teachers. 



The tent of meeting where Yahweh was in the midst of Israel. HE was a cloud by day and fire by night. HIS presence. There is an order of worship. Still here on this earth. 

The LORD God Almighty in our midst. 

Christ in our midst. 


Yahweh in our midst.


Christ is in our midst. 


In heaven, Jesus will be seated in HIS throne, high and lifted up and there will be Jesus before us.



Don’t be afraid to try things that are biblical otherwise we will never learn from our mistakes and grow in Christ tomorrow closer to Jesus than today. Follow the pattern of Scripture. 




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