Stay Plugged In

How do we teach our children to finish good in this race against such a dark world?
I worry about the future as I will not be there. I’m old. So, I can only do what was done for me by my teachers. Be plugged into the Word and the Spirit. Spirit and Truth. It truly is a great fight of faith like Abraham who believed and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. Noah got it right and brought his family out of the flood. The greats had such great faith that even today we follow their footsteps. I want so much to finish this race good. A good fight of faith in Christ Jesus. With Him and in Him. Christ our LORD. We just need to remember to pray and the battle is the LORD’S. He who started a good work in me will carry it into completion. I just need to walk on upwards towards Jesus. Fix my eyes on the author and the finisher of my faith. 

Noise drowns out the voice of God.
The importance of becoming intimate with our LORD.
The value of silence and solitude.

 Do you spend all your life on Christ our LORD?
I do. I spend all my time and thoughts on Jesus who is the Christ. Messiah. And one fine day it will just be just another day with Jesus when I walk right into the kingdom when I leave this place called earth. I’m in the most perfect place. With Jesus. Studying the Word. Listening to His voice. Knowing Him with all my five senses. To know His love. His presence. 
Things will escape us if we do not journal them.
Just to add, I’ve decided on lime green. Too much pink all around. There is less lime green. 
Be original.
Like this.



Our IST, Great Commission Strategies, Global University.  We do not need to choose between the power of the Spirit and diligent study. We can and must engage both. (IST 2013, 68)

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