Happy Happy Happy Valentine’s Day

In  full stature in Christ, Jesus.
The outpouring to the nations by the power of the Holy Spirit by fire in Spirit and in Truth.
Thank you.


Are you in a relentless forward, upward surge of the LORD God Almighty?
Never stopping. Ever on the move forward and upward. Not of this world but of the realm of heaven here and now but not yet realized. Yet to fully be realized. Yet to fully come when we see Jesus face to face. In relentless pursuit of holiness. In relentless of pursuit of Christ our LORD. Relentless and unwavering. Without stopping. Looking upwards. Christ our LORD. Seek HIS face. Eyes fixed on the author and the finisher of our faith.
Where is your heart?
Is it with the LORD and does HE fill your all in all. Cos it says in Scripture that HE fills the all in all. 

Who is pursing whom?
Of course the LORD is pursuing me and not me HIM. I am only replying to HIS relentless pursuit of me. And to get it right. For HIS glory. I am just an empty vessel being used by the LORD God Almighty.
And why do you think HE is doing this?
For HIS church. Silly. Of course. HE is seeking out HIS church. A church, a building made of living stones. Us. We are HIS living stones. 


I’ve caught up with my second breath. I have completed Lesson 4 in ‘Great Commission Strategies’ in our Global University Course. 
So, tonight I shall start the first chapter of Luke in my PUP study, following the instructions of my Global University Theology Course. 

Habit forming habits. It starts with muscle pain as you stretch them but after decades, it just becomes the norm. Studying Scripture becomes the norm. Just a part of everyday life like eating and drinking. Eating and savoring the word of God. Chewing on it and tasting the taste of the word.
How does it taste?
How does it smell when you put it inside of you?
Does it taste good?
Salty. Sweet. Like a desert or the main dish. Or both. A life devoted to Christ our LORD.
Is it possible?
Of course. Many are living this way.
Do you not know?
Are you lost in the world or in the love of Christ Jesus our LORD?
You must ask yourself this and honestly answer this question. No one will know. But, alas, you will know who you are in the end.
Christ or this world?
It is up to you. You make your own decisions.

I have spent years reading the devotionals from my Logos Bible and well, the words touched my heart and like them I write as well. I used to read a journal which was written in the 1800’s. I was amazed it was so simple about everyday life. Now I do the same. 
Journalling is an integral part of the Christian walk.
Do you know this?
It literally goes hand in hand. So, y’all, just get right to it. And when you read back on your journal you will be touched by your victories and defeats. Tears will stream down your eyes. You will see how far you have come or vice versa, how far you have fallen. It helps to keep a check on your spiritual life. Your daily life. Encounters. Your devotion. Your heart.
When I see Jesus face to face, I’m gonna say,’I tried LORD Jesus. I truly tried my very best.’
My advise. Don’t be lazy. There is a time for rest after a time. But you just gotta keep on going, no matter what. You might say, us women talk too much. Not really. Men talk more and they expect everyone to listen to them. Fact. So stop thinking about a whole lot of rubbish and start thinking solely and wholly about Jesus Jesus Jesus. It takes decades. An entire lifetime so today is a good start for the rest of your life. Be of good cheer. Jesus has overcome the world so can we who will do greater things. It’s biblical. 


Where does you heart lie?
Where does your faith lie?
Whom are you seeking?
Where are you standing?
On holy ground?
In Christ?
Or are you somewhere else?
Check list. And you will know who you are.
How can you walk along the narrow path?
Remain in ME, it says in Scripture. In the vine. Jesus is the vine, we are the branches. 
Jesus is the word of God who came among us in the flesh. HE is God. HE is the Son of God. 
Spend time with the Word. Spend time with Jesus. 
Simple deduction. As simple as ABCWe do not have to be a rocket scientist.

Where does your heart lie?
Mine is crucified with Christ.




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