Culture Barriers And Border Issues (Great Commission Strategies: Global University, Biblical Theology) Lesson 6 IST

Culture barriers, this is what I read last night in Chapter 6. A difficult one. Even within a culture there are cultural barriers. I was brought up here at a time when life was insulated in life-long communities. There was no mix-mix sentiment. In my twenties I found myself in a cultural dilemma. I did not understand this until I started bowling abroad, regarding my identity. I was suddenly in an identity crisis. I did not belong where I always thought I had. Everyone was the same. I thought I was one of them and they were one of us, but found out in reality that was not true. It then took me a decade to bridge the gap and was finally accepted, not only within my own team, in my own home but also throughout the nations. 

Culture barriers are a hard one. 

Think if people are not used to going places all around the world and being stuck together in a community, it’s harder for them to get to know each other and try to bridge the gap. Everyone is different. Everyone is not the same, no matter who you are. 

I think it’s important not to be fake. Where was that on-line seminary lecture. Not to be a fake Christian. Not real. Make up. Plastic. Someone you are not. I find it most difficult to be with people who do not let you know them. After a couple years, you know that there is a problem with them. After all, everyone knows I talk too much. When they are unable to be who they are with me, then, it does become a waste of time. hahahahahahahahaha A very hard one. Let people breathe and be themselves even if they have border issues. hahahahahahahaha 

We are now old so we will just let the young ones get on with it and just rest and enjoy life by basking in the glory of the LORD.
We have the mind of Christ.



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