I Blessed My Eldest Daughter With Every Spiritual Blessing Showering From Above

I We serve a God who never fails to amaze us. We were at worship this afternoon and I did something I had never done before. And then I did something else that I had never done before either. Think all this prayer is good for the heart.  We grow in our prayer life and pray the things that God chooses as we hear HIS voice.

Stayed in HIS perfect peace.
This is where I stood tonight. Stayed in the perfect peace of my Sar Shalom. I could have heard a pin drop. Honestly, my ears, hear the voice and the peace of the LORD. I bless my daughter with the blessings from my inheritance.


For in amazement I started to pray for my eldest daughter receiving every spiritual blessing. Clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus the hands that lifts up the banners are lifted up with two holy hands but the banners themselves are covered in the light of Christ. Now, I am praying in the Spirit as He brings all to pass. And when I opened my eyes and actually looked, the banners were flickering in light. Yvonne later came and said that the banners were really beautiful. We both smiled. Love my children deeply and pray for them and hold them close to my heart where God’s blessings flow down from the very heart of the Father. Then I blessed her feet as she stands on holy ground all the days of her life. Now when I think back, I was blessed such as well. As she dances she will dance with Jesus. Him and Him alone. I saw in the spiritual realm the feet of Christ near her feet and hers moved in unison with Christ our LORD as HE led her in the dance. So, well, I thought that this would be it really. I had opened my eyes again and she really did look good worshiping Jesus in deep worship. And so I prayed more and to my surprise the LORD asked me to bless her with the full armor of God. Now you see, we did the study a year back and had to give a textual sermon and then a textual essay on the full armor of God. So this place is very familiar to me. Well, I prayed for the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness. The helmet protects her head. The mind that she possess is the mind of Christ Jesus and the breastplate will protect her from any fiery darts along life ardours journey. Having done that in prayer I opened my eyes and the smiles as she worshipped, in the light. The light of Christ Jesus. But then to my surprise it was a spiritual armor. In the Spirit realm. She is clothed in a Spirit armor. I therefore blessed her every step that she will take, is to be in the showers of blessings falling down from the heavens, the very throne room of Christ Jesus our LORD. We truly serve an amazing God.

Back to the reality of Luke 3 and all the questions as half of Luke 3 is the genealogy of Christ Jesus our LORD and the questions. Well, as long you have done the observation worksheets, you can answer the questions very fast. My hope is to complete Luke 3 tonight and all the questions of Lesson 2 so tomorrow I can move forward to the next three chapters of ‘Great Commission Strategies’ in my Global University Course and within the next couple of night get some of the questions done on my CRA, as well. In all of this, I learnt this. We have the authority but we must make sure that we do not abuse our authority and keep within the boundaries of the word of God, and those who know their God will do great exploits. I am amazed time after time after time.


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