Tomorrow I get to meet with my old friends from when we spent decades and decades bowling together. With the gold also came times of tears. When you cry together, those are the times when the bonding happens. Through the tough times. The pain and the agony of defeat. The cost of the game. Heart-breaking moments. So, I will preach the cross to them. My old friends. Nothing has changed for them and for me. They know I have always believed in Jesus and love Jesus. I never entered into the temples they visited. I waited outside. I was the only one. Our entire team went inside except for me. In my Global University SLR, ‘Great Commission Strategies’. I am to preach the gospel three different times to different people. This is my chance and I will record it. Once Catherine threw her bowling ball and walked to the office and refused to bowl cos she bowled a low game which affected her average. It hurt so bad she cried so bitterly. Once in Hiroshima, MC cried in the lobby of our hotel cos we had a new coach and his method of coaching was so different from our Japanese coach. She cried bitterly as well. In the end they both left. We were in the top three and I was left to bowl on my own with Melody. She left as well. Then there was only me. There was a huge distance between me and the rest of the ladies. Champions are born. A lot of hard work and losing kills. The tears I have shed over one low game. Once, I had one low game and it cost me the cut. I cried so hard. Threw my pink skirt and screamed and yelled. It hurt so bad. And when I spoke to one of the well-known world renowned coaches, he asked me my final average. I told him it was only a 197 so I did make the cut by only very few pins. He looked at me and told me it was a very good average. He suggested only using one ball as I was using two. He said that the feeling in the hand is different and it should bring the average higher at once. And it did. I jumped immediately into the 200 average mark. Internationally. But the ten pin still eluded me. My shot was too powerful. That ten pin just stood there hurting my heart so bad. Solid. Last night in Chapter 7 of my IST it states that we earn the right to preach the gospel to those we love and have gone through the thick and thin together. Battle worn. When we get together, I am always asked if I am alright and when I say there are lots of aches and pain but it’s alright. Once MC found out that on a wooden seat if we rubbed the back or the side of our left leg against it, it helped massage our weary muscles. And she is right. I had found it out as well. Sometimes in church I use the side of the seat. The plastic to massage my arm and hand. Or rub it against it for my aching leg. We are the same. Same type of people. Our hearts. You would have thought it was the most important thing in the world the way we acted when we bowled. Yes, it was. It was our whole entire world and nothing existed but those pins and us. When pins were left standing we were shocked. There is no way we did not strike every single time. We bowled twelve games five days a week. On our own. Then there was four nights of HK Team practice. I could bowl with my eyes shut. That is when you know you have mastered the game. And hit the head pin and pick up the ten pin. Something wrong with that pin. Must have been offset. We get delusional. hahahahahahahahaha A time when the only thing that mattered was the gold. A silver meant we lost. Forgotten. No one remembers the one that came second. They only remember who the champion is. This is really true. We did not give ourselves this pressure. Proven fact. To have the heart of a champion only comes from the LORD. Champions are born. And then, bred. It was an honor to serve my country and to win so many medals for my country. It was an honor to meet all the peoples of the nations and make so many friends to let them know that this little island is just the same as the rest of the world. World champions are also from here. It was an honor to let the world know the name of my home and my people. If you have not fought battles together, you do not bond. This is sports psychology at its best. I never gave up and never will. It is not in my heart. I was born this way. God grew me this way. We learn from real life experiences. Given the chance of course. With real people with real hearts. Real tears. We gave it our all for our country and each other. When they needed to get the rooms changed, they would all come to me to speak to the manager as the manager would listen so I would go up and say that I was not going to leave until I got these room changed. Now. At once. We do not have the time and energy to argue about it. We are tired from our flights. And they did it. My team smiled. I was of some use after all. The men would not add me in the jackpot games as I would take the pot. Every single time. Ten pins was far too much for me. I am laughing. You should have seen the look on their faces. hahahahahaha I get far too many strikes. They used to say, ‘Are you for real!’ When I see Trisha she used to say how well I have done. These days she asks about what I am doing. What I have always wanted to do. It was hard and tough. It was not easy to win for my country. It was a great responsibility. In my heart was always to put this little island on the world map. And I did. So people would know us by our champions. And we all did. It was indeed a very good time of my life with all those around me. Supporting me. Teaching me how to get to where I hoped to get to. And did. Make a mark and a difference in the world arena. This is us in a nutshell. Without all the work put into it by those who know those who have dreams, I would not have made it. Like wise in any other area of life. Even our spiritual life. If you ain’t fought battle together, you ain’t gonna bond. Just wish our young ladies today would share the same heart as ours. But they don’t. It’s all about fun for them. Think the best example is when San San said we are not lap sap after she won a medal. I cannot remember in which country it was. We all share the same feelings. We want our little neck of the woods to be just as any other country. My friend Catherine told me to post my pictures cos I told her no one believed me. This picture is when I was only 115 pounds. I had not started gym work yet. Even then I was tough. They said it was like hitting a brick wall when they bumped into me. The next one was 139 pounds. All muscle weight. Muscles are heavy. You can see the legs are doubled. I was told by Michael, my gym coach that I needed to protect myself with muscles so I could bowl gently. It really worked so you see here this was without gym work so I need to force the ball but in the one below. Just gently tap it. Give it a tickle. A gentle one. And a lot of heart. And that ball comes back in from the seventh board and touch the head and kaboom. All gone. Except that ten. It’s all about speed and angles and curves and placing. A touch or in or deep. It’s difficult. And the ball of course as well. So I only got a 285 game. I froze. I am wearing really tight tights to help the muscles as I bowled so much I need a bit of help with the legs. So, really tight tights. They really helped. I have no stretch marks nor varicose veins on my legs cos of these really tight tights. It was such a bother to get them on. They are so small and so tight. See the tension in the first picture but in the second one, my Australian coach. Just relax and let it all go. But, he sent me to the gym. He knows a lot of rugby players. So, I looked like one in the end. But we all do. Tomorrow will be a great day. 21% body fat. Any less does not work. No power.




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