The way of the cross is

them with all of my

Friends are not easily deceived by intentions. But they are moved by the I have in my for them. MC reminded us of all the times I did their washing for them until the numbers faded. We all had to wear numbers. No names. On our backs. Margaret said they should all be so happy they did not have to do their washing. But MC said they had to use black markers to mark our numbers again. But Margaret said how diligently I must have scrubbed for our numbers to fade. Indeed I did all the washing in our ladies group. Stuck in hotels. Not allowed to venture out the doors of the hotel alone. No camel rides. No swimming pool or my thumb will swell and my muscles cool down. The sun. Hey, I told MC that I was their washing lady. She did not smile.  

Catch us if you can.



The only way you learn this is from experience. Today, MC reminded us about our Five-Lady-Team teamwork policy. Each person manage their own scores. Do not go and disturb others and distract from their goal. To score. The total added score is the win. Five individuals. Different talents. ie Different ways of throwing the shot. Entering the pocket. In life she said, it is the same. No one person is the same. We are all different individuals with our daily lives.

She went on about the washing. But I told her they were all playing mar-jong. Not my kind of idling the time away. I used a whitener.


The LORD gave me a lovely gift today and my friends allowed me to preach the cross this afternoon cos I earned the right by ing them all the years we have been friends. The way to a person’s   is to  them. One of us is quite sick and I will see her next week and pray for her and preach the gospel to her. The cost of the game. MC said we all have to take care of our health and rest. We have given too much of ourselves already. Honestly, it was really tough. Once MC got enough medals for the entire year by herself. And all the rest were just extras. She left and our National Coach from Australia, could not understand as she had done what we needed as a team to meet the HKSI Medal Tally Requirements.

As usual I am hugging all of them. We need to earn the right to be trusted with the  


Catch us if you can.



This is not my essay for my SLR for my Global University Course, Great Commission Strategies,  in Biblical Theology. It will come in due course.


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