The Absolute Divinity Of God




I have no information in this place I am standing on. I entered into prayer ten days ago and have come far and have found the absolute divinity of God. The LORD. This morning when I awoke I wondered like whom in Scripture I can relate to and found it be Jacob. He did not let go until a blessing was given. I find myself in a similar place but the blessing given is the absoluteness of the LORD. The absolute divinity of who our God is. The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is such power that is unimaginable. The holiness of who our God is, is unbelievable. Once I wanted to enter deeper into the holy place in prayer and supplication and my mentor said she will not be able to come with me. I had to go it alone with the LORD. I was instructed to cover myself. Since, I have come further and farther than I have ever imagined. It is indeed the heart for God that takes one to HIMSELF. Nearer to the LORD. Yahweh. The LORD. I think it is important to know one’s place in the big picture of things. Who would come to this place. No one really. Yesterday we leant about hell and how some people are so adamant that they do not want anything of God but hell, they are dying to go there as it is more fun there. Yet, here I stand before a holy God whom I cannot see, for HIS divinity far exceeds the human ability to know HIM as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have done everything my Father has asked of me to do.


I am so far from the LORD. The divinity of who our God is. There is no way to get to HIM in HIS full glory and majesty. HE is bigger and farther and greater and mightier and more wonderful than even beyond the universe. And yet, I can ask. I can ask of HIM. I do not feel there is any separation. The only separation is that HE is holy. HE is God. I am not. I am but nothing in HIS sight. A no one. HE only looks upon me in HIS great mercy and love and allows me even to think these thoughts of HIM. To approach HIM would not be possible for HE is God. The LORD. Yahweh. Know my place in the big picture of things. What picture. Before Genesis. After the thousand year reign. No information.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank James Nesbit for his lovely prophetic art. Without it really can we really grasp where we are or how far we have come as one church in Christ Jesus.

Can I go further?

I have no idea but will try. I have no information. Head knowledge in this place. I only have my heart for the LORD. This is all I can find in me. My heart. All these years of bible study we have been asked, led, to use our hearts. Not our head. My heart has brought me this far.

Catch me if you can. Obviously no one can catch me as I have no information. I need a book to read that shares this place others have walked. Therefore, knowing the absolute divinity of God. And the fact we are only but nothing compared to HIM. In this place of absolute silence and perfect peace, a holy God is found and how far I realize I am from who HE is, brings me down on my knees in absolute awe of HIS presence. And the only song that comes to mind is, who am I?


You just would not believe it Winnie is going to come back to us and dance and worship with banners when she can as she is busy for the next couple of months with her workload. She is a secondary school teacher.
Our worship this morning was glorious, as usual and I took up my place as their intercessor. There is nothing better than a person who is close to the LORD praying for you, calling forth the glory of the LORD upon you in HIS full splendour. My daughters were beautiful, in dance and with banners. With Winnie we have more options as our worship time is an hour or more.
My eldest daughter’s new banners have arrived. Just. She worshiped with them. They looked lovely. A new year, in a new season, in new colours and texture. They are all silk banners. All different from the ones last year.
My youngest daughter, for the first time, was able to spread out to the left and right and upwards. She is taking more land than in the past. It was glorious.
My dancer daughter has finally found the courage to dance and dance and dance. Well, not the entire time but it is much better. She needs more time with the LORD at the altar.
I cannot believe where they are going in Christ with HIM and HIM alone. I never dictate nor stop the flow of the Holy Spirit when He is upon them. I never attract their attention when the glory of the LORD is pouring forth in the open portal. In fact, the spiritual will be seen in the physical as they seek HIS face. Now all we have to do is for Linda to come back as well.
In my prayer and supplication, I did not have time to wonder who our God is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I should imagine that there is a course or books by which the greats also had these thoughts and examined Scripture and past writings in this matter and have drawn a conclusion. The LORD before the earth and after the thousand year reign of Christ. Wonder of wonders. Patience is my gift. Seeking the LORD with all of my heart is as well. It can only get better and not for the knowledge of but for knowing God. The LORD. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
And what would I love to say to everyone. There is a place. A safe place. In Christ. In the LORD. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. HE is the way to the Father.

When you put on the full armour of God, HE will fight in our place. All we have to do is to stand. Stand firm.
Like it was said to Abraham, the LORD is a shield around us.

HE is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We can call upon HIM and HE will protect us.
HE lives in us.
Spirit and Truth.


The LORD has brought entire families to the altar of the LORD as they stand and worship the LORD together.


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