What Drives A Person To This Place Of The Absolute Blissful Holiness Of The LORD, The LORD Does Of Course

Where are you all?
I’m here. Standing before the holy LORD. So I get slipped a song and fall in Me, in the LORD.
I had said I would never get here. Not for me, I said. But here I find myself. I used to be spoon fed with broken down Hebrew words from Scripture. Now I can find out how to break it down myself. I have my bible which has the tools to do so. Word studies. I used to say to myself that I would never get to the part where I can write so fast and now I’m here. Writing fast and frantically to save time. I have not watched television for two days. I enjoy my relaxation time with an on-line love story. I have loved love stories since a very young age. I do not like the violent ones. Nor the evil ones. But these past two days I have found myself in a place of absolute awe of a holy God. My need. This is what drives a person. A need. My need is to know the character of the divine LORD. Information information information. But but but it is a holy holy holy place. A quiet and peaceful place. I suppose you could say it is like when the LORD spoke to Elijah when he ran into the cave and the LORD spoke to him and revealed HIMSELF as this very still still God. Though HE is all great and powerful, yet, HE showed HIMSELF in this still still place. Are you all here?
It is ……….. no words ……. no information ………


If you seek HIM you will find HIM. This is a promise. Do you all go into your prayer closet daily? Twice a day for hours and hours and hours?
I find the hours in my prayer closet has increased. Once I could not believe how our teacher could go into hers for two weeks straight. Not done that yet. Not as yet. But to think about it, what a blessed place to be in, right. To be totally in the presence of the LORD for two straight weeks. The world left behind for the time being. But to be with the LORD in HIS holy sanctuary. A place of absolute peace and joy and love and in this place, there is no time. Converse in intimate communion with the LORD, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The verse about who grows what. In the end, we can depend on this, no matter what, the LORD grows us this way. The lecture on hell was doing it our way. I’m surrendering to God’s way. HIS great and mighty way. Don’t put the LORD into a box where the limitations of the human mind which is incapable of knowing HIM, can find HIM deeper if we just seek HIM in places we just have never been before. Deeper and higher. Wider. Walk in places I have never walked with the LORD. I have enough studies to go on forevermore here. Never be too too proud to go into prayer. I went into it once for two years straight. Bet none knew this. You can be with others but in your heart and mind you can be praying as well. In tongues. It was an experience I will never forget. I never knew that I could do this. Experience speaks at the end of the day and where the LORD leads is the most perfect path. As long as it is in line with Scripture. I think it is easy to get distracted by things of this world. Things others are going through and even though we feel the compassion and love in our hearts, we all have to walk together forward towards a holy God and not lose sight of our love for the LORD. If we do not tap  into the our power source, Scripture, the presence of the LORD, then, we are in dire straights of losing the sight of God. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. HE is the only way to the Father. HE is the only way. When you walk through the veil torn from top to bottom by the blood of the Lamb of God who, we studied this last night, the forgiver of sins, then each day and night is a new adventure with the LORD. With Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Do you feel the oils of the Holy Spirit covering your entire person? Have you put on the full armor of God? Where are you walking? Is the path you are taking, taking you along the path across the word? Whom are you leaning on? Jesus or self? Is the LORD cleansing your thoughts?
We must ever be reminded of this very simple truth.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is a holy God.
By faith in Christ, we enter into the holy place by the blood of the Lamb.
Are you honouring God in this place or defiling it?
Are you desecrating the holy ground of our LORD?
In Scripture study, we all know, it does not take a rocket scientist to know this. The greats got to where they got, because they knew the holiness of God and let go of the things of this world for a mere glimpse of a holy God. By the grace of God and HIS calling on their lives. How often did they fail?
You will find not that many times. They worked on their faith by studying Scripture and prayer. There is no easy way to the sanctification process. You could say to self, well, I would just like to make it. Well, surprise, no one is just worth making it. Everyone can take a step closer to God in a holiness walk. No one is exempt. The enemy is self. Have you not been told not to blame what’s his name. Actually, we are our own greatest enemy. I learnt this in my game and also in my walk with the LORD. I am my own greatest enemy. I will never blame anyone. I will fight the good fight of faith until, on that day, we all get to stand before the LORD in HIS great white throne.


I was so convicted with this name of the LORD, Jehovah Nissi. The LORD my banner. HIS banner over me is love.



I was in a place of unbelief and doubt and judgement when I first was introduced to banners as a form of worship by my bible teacher. Indeed, raising some banner I had thought was useless as God would not care. But in worship as I looked upon my teacher’s face and how she was reaching out to the LORD. I then in the next worship of two hours took up a banner and sought Jesus with all of my heart and mind and strength. Indeed, you all must know my story as you must have heard it before. As tears streamed down my eyes as I was filled with the Holy Spirit, the LORD appeared to me in HIS pure bright light glory. HIS feet at the bottom of the cross. I told HIM I was not worthy to touch HIS feet. Now, this is all pure bright white light, even the cross. And then the hand of Jesus appeared and the nail was pounded three times. At that moment, it was like my heart was being pounded in the same way. It ripped my heart.
It has been many years gone by now and I could not eat nor sleep for three months and was in fear of worship for months as I was afraid it would happen again. But more happened.
I was spoon fed the word and ate and supped in the contentment of the word. Now I do it on my own. There is a lot of responsibility when you take on a ministry. To grow the church. I have ever been amazed at my eldest daughter and my fifteen or is she sixteen years now. As I let go and let God. My eldest covers herself with her banners. My heart beats. HIS banner over her is love. The LORD loves her so much she is in the physical feeling HIM. Yet, who can understand this. Not others. When my young teenager lifts up her eyes to the LORD, my gosh. She is just being led by the Spirit and she is lifting her eyes to the LORD. It’s Scriptural. So, God is doing HIS good work in them and it takes decades to disciple in this ministry. To grow into the full stature and to remain in the faith. Remain in me and you will bear fruit.
Sometimes, God, the LORD is taken too lightly. Like some playground game.
I am old and tired now. Work is work.
We are going into discipleship in our Global University course this week. How important it is with those around you to grow into the full stature. The ground changes. Christ shines through us. People are changed and conformed into the image of God as we too grow from glory to glory.
My eldest is like a roaring lion. The heart of the lion of Judah. Christ our LORD. As she too puts on the full armor of Christ. O my youngest will get there in HIS time to come. Of course in every single area of the ministries we are involved in, growth is our hope in those who are with us. It takes strength and it drains us.
I was taught not to be drained as if you do not spend time with the LORD how then will you give out the LORD to those around you. The wearing down of the saints. Taking on too much.
Each heart. One heart. Even if I have one heart, it will already be a lot of work. For Christ our LORD. Keep it simple. Keep it light and let go and let God.

The LORD has answered our prayer for a little child here from ties across the border to love. I am worn out. I had specifically prayed certain requirements and they were all met to my surprise this six years later. He is lovely. He got a great shock when I told him it was time for me to leave after the hour was up. I was glad that he felt the hour had gone by so fast that he was so disappointed I was leaving. hahahahahahahahaha I thought he was going to burst into tears. hahahahahahahahaha So, I am back to toys again. I have lots here left over from my grandsons. hahahahahahaha
The LORD works in HIS ways and HIS timing. All I have to do is to go along with HIS purpose and plans. This is not him but we were doing this today. hahahahahahahaha



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