Forty Years Of Friendship To Lifelong


Been doing my essays on ‘Great Commission Strategies’ in my Global University course on Bible Theology. It talks about bridging barriers, the fear factor and so on and so forth. Bonding in a culture that is foreign to me. I did it with these ladies for forty years. We all started in a bowling alley as beginners. Then three of us made it to the top of the game. It took hard work and great teamwork. We took the Sports Psychology Sports Science Program. It was tough. No life. Just bowling. Day and night and night and day. But here we are, forty years down the line. Still friends. We have not changed a bit. But we are together. It takes a lot of heart. All heart or it just does not work. Fight our battles as we watch how each of us fight hard. And win. And lose. And cry. And laugh. Once, we were four years together. Four years is a very long time. We are most comfortable with each other. This is the most important thing. We trust each other. We watched out for each others backs. Our eyes did not drift far from each other as we were always close in proximity. Let’s bless this place with the names of God, thanking HIM for forty years of friendship which is very unusual in this day and age. Even way back then but we have all come out of the storms of life. If you do not fight together and cry bitterly together with one heart and one vision, you cannot get here. One is missing. She is fighting her own battle. She is not well. The cost of the game. But MC can still beat the ladies in the National Team with a fifteen pounder. Crazy. I told Catherine no one would believe that I can bowl. She said to just show them the pictures. I have lots but they are in a box as with the medals. I had to throw out all the trophies. After a while my whole house was filled with trophies. So, we all decided, it was time to throw them out as soon as we won them in the bowling alley. Give them all away. hahahahahahahahahahaha The thing that is so funny, I’m the odd one out but well. I’m like this and we are all like who we are. I suppose the LORD created us all different but the same. Bless this house LORD with THINE divine presence.


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