Heidi Baker’s Visit With Us Tonight


Heidi Baker came to our church to minister tonight and we were all filled with the Holy Spirit. The oils of the Holy Spirit was so thick. So, I used my spiritual eyes to see who she is in Christ and this was what I found. You all know when I prayed for my eldest daughter for an open portal forevermore over her, right. Well, Heidi has this open portal all the way up up up. Note the picture above. Like this but also on both her hands. The light of Christ, in HIS glory falling down down down on the top of her head and both hands. She taught about being able to spend lots of quiet time with the LORD and to study the word of God and eat it lots. She spoke about each individual being a unique person that the LORD created in them and we are to use it and shine our light in the darkness of this world. So I will tell you something that happened in my quiet time with the LORD for about a week. Here are the oils being poured down from the heavens and what it feels like when you are covered all over your face as well with the oils. Just close your eyes and enjoy the LORD.

The Hand That Shakes The Core Of The Heart

what hand took the fall for me
and said not a hurtful word
the full brunt of anger and wrath of sin
but not a flicker of deceit came our of HIS mouth

I knelt right down
beside HIS hand
the blow that was dealt
was anger mad

for what
but why
how come
I could not understand

then hand I took
and held it tight
in love
I would not let it go

the blood it streamed
in great amounts
I cried at sight
and could not stop

I wondered then
if salt would hurt
but no sound came
from the mouth of God

in desperate pleas
I put my face
right into the hand
to cover my tears

it mixed
and felt
the gentle hand


We have the mind of Christ.



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