A Blessed Sunday

Daniel 7:9-10,13-14 ESV
The Ancient of Days Reigns
9″As I looked,
thrones were placed,
and the Ancient of Days took his seat;
his clothing was white as snow,
and the hair of his head like pure wool;
his throne was fiery flames;
its wheels were burning fire.
10 A stream of fire issued
and came out from before him;
a thousand thousands served him,
and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him;
the court sat in judgment,
and the books were opened.
The Son of Man Is Given Dominion
13″I saw in the night visions,
and behold, with the clouds of heaven
there came one like a son of man,
and he came to the Ancient of Days
and was presented before him.
14 And to him was given dominion
and glory and a kingdom,
that all peoples, nations, and languages
should serve him;
his dominion is an everlasting dominion,
which shall not pass away,
and his kingdom one
that shall not be destroyed.

For me I take every moment to learn from the LORD. Yesterday Heidi taught. It is not what she says but what she does. Jesus came down to the level of the sinners and the needy and the helpless and met their needs. The people are crying and sobbing and it was so sad. Jesus came down to their level and met their every need. Down to their level. Here she asks us to have eyes to see the needy and the suffering and the helpless and hopelessness of mankind. This is what Jesus saw and HE met their every need and began to teach the kingdom. So, I left the most holy place this morning. This is the gospel. Eyes to see and ears to hear the suffering of this world. Humanitarian aid and missions. Feed the hungry. She said that. Be Jesus to the people who are suffering and in need. I bumped into this man who smelt and he was shabby and he looked like he has not had a bath nor his clothes washed for goodness know why or how long. Heidi hugs these people in Africa. She is a one-of-a-kind person. What a calling. Down to the level of those in need. This is exactly what Jesus did. I completed Luke 6 and all the questions last night and will continue on to Luke 7 tonight. I will keep Luke 8 and the questions for after we return from our trip. Every step is God ordained. The LORD orders our steps. From the Holy of Holies to the New Testament. God came down in the flesh and met the needs of the dying world for three years. And like they clung to Jesus they clung to Heidi. Wondered if anyone got this. I’ve had a cough for two weeks. What’s the use of the most holy place if it does not meet the needs of those who are suffering and want to find their way home. Eternity. The gospel of our LORD Jesus who is the Christ. The love of God in HIS Son in whom HE is well-pleased. The apostolic anointing. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. When Isaiah saw the desolation of his land he was sobbing. All the beauty they had taken from the surrounding nations were gone in a whiff. Jesus arrived after four hundred years of silence and HE came in the flesh and began to teach the kingdom of God. After Luke when we complete it this year of 2017 we move on to Acts in 2018. The empowerment to do what Heidi is doing by the power of the Holy Spirit by fire. The baptism of the Holy Spirit by fire. In fact, they would never feel the love of our Saviour unless they meet someone who loves Jesus so much she would give of her life to serve HIM in the same manner HE met the needs of all the suffering and hungry and sick and needy people who sobbed and cried. So they clung to her at ground level. The lowest form of worship. Like prostrate. I get it. I see it. I hear it. So, I journal it. This is my job. My calling. Missions. Church planting in places where not many walk in the needy places of this world.


I was wiped out today after two days of the conference. Totally. So in the third service we watched on video the first service and Heidi spoke about going low to meet those who need this. She mentioned she was tired as well.

At worship today my three daughters turned up. My eldest the most lion-hearted of all having the heart of the Lion of Judah was so happy in spite of working all weekend from morning until night. She was far too tired to use her banners but only used them for a bit. She danced instead. It was lovely. My youngest raised up her banners and she has found such freedom in Christ in this place. It is surely a place of intimate communion with Jesus. This is the discipleship that I have been working on for the last seven to eight years. I have observed from those before me, the last generation that this is a life long commitment. Why? Because our children need mothers to keep them firmly set on the faith until they reach full stature, then they mother babies themselves. But still, there is no break in the relationship as mother and her children. We pray for our children. The prayer of the righteous availeth much. You all remember Abraham asking the LORD for Sodom. Even five righteous. But in the end there were not even five. Prayer can move mountains. God hears the prayers of HIS faithful ones whom HE has chosen and HE answers them. My children are huge in Christ. They are like David head on with Goliath. This is who I am because my teachers pray for me and taught me how to go to the word of God and seek God’s answers for every situation.

For my daughters it is ‘Christ in me’ for them but this ministry will teach them that seeking the LORD at all times in HIS presence and in the word will take them to greater heights when I am old and gone and they will teach the next generation to live in Christ.
My husband was so filled with the Spirit he got slain in the Spirit and was all wet. He could not get up at all. He commented that it was so hot and it always happened in our church.
I continue with Luke 7 tonight and all the questions for Luke 7. Need to rush as we are going on vacation.
Our pastor said we will be spending time with the needy from now on. That people in our city need to be hugged and loved. Of course we will all follow the vision of our pastor in unity in Spirit and in Truth.
What have I learnt through all this prayer. To hold up my hand like Moses held up his staff and the battle was on but when he put it down as he was tired, they started to lose. So, hands up in prayer and when I saw the waves, I rolled them over to my daughters. The rolling waves of the Spirit in the water of the word. The waves were crushing down. Huge waves. All in the direction  of my three daughters I sent them. Holy Spirit power.

This is where we started with these tiny banners. Little. Heavy ones. So tiring. The new ones now are light and so easy to lift as they are silk. She is from our Indonesian service, right after us. Be like a scribe and keep a record so that the next generations will be able to reap from what we are sowing. The great harvest.



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