It’s Tough When You Do Not Feel Well

A young girl is sick and having her temperature taken.

Been trying to get rid of this cough for two weeks but this weekend it got the best of me and I started a temperature early Saturday. It got progressively worse on Sunday and I have been to our nice doctor who put me through lots of tests and praise the LORD, my sugar level is only 5.7 and my urine is clear and clean. My blood pressure is above it’s usual as I have a temperature but with a bit of help with the medicine, I feel a lot better now.
I was in London in the eighties and I had bronchitis but was due to leave for the second World Games  and went off but I am allergic to medication so I just took Panadol. But not that many as too much will also show up in the urine test and blood test. I finished thirteenth in the world not knowing how I did it. Thinking they must have bowled a lot of rubbish. You see way back then I would not have considered myself a bowler. I did not have the proper training way back then. It was only after that that I got proper coaching. So, do you think one can perform during a fever and cough and give the best. Yes. Indeed.
So, I suffered the weekend and now I feel a lot better with my medicine.
There are times I need to stay and wait until they know I will be fine. Sometimes they do not give me any medication as I’m allergic to it and they do not want to take the chance.
You see, before I left for the World Games, I took some cough syrup and a lump appeared suddenly on my stomach. The doctor informed me that if that had appeared on my throat, I would be dead by then. So, the doctors are hesitant to give me any medication unless it has been alright in the past. So I try my best to overcome whatever is happening in my body as the ailment might not kill me but the medicine will.
I’m not kidding.
Back to ‘Great Commission Strategies’ Lesson 12 & 13, tonight. Preparations for a discussion on Wednesday. Then one of the essays after reading Metzger.

Take every opportunity to preach the gospel in season and out of season. You can never tell if anyone chooses to give their heart to Jesus.
Great Commission Strategies
Global University
Bible Theology

Use the method that best suits you within the standards set.


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