Kiss The Unblemished Lamb Of God

Where are you in your love for Christ our LORD this Easter season?
Me, well, at the cross.

We are all so different. We are called in different places. Whatever the calling I just remember one thing. That if HE calls you, then HE knows you are able to stand in this place HE calls you to stand upon.
This early morning I went again to the cross in my secret place with Jesus.
I kissed HIS lips on the cross.
I told HIM that I always kiss HIS lips in HIS glorious appearing in heaven seated at the right hand of the Father, in HIS chamber. So, what more that I should kiss HIS lips once more on the cross.
The blood of the new and everlasting covenant mingled with my tears. As HIS blood blessed my lips and nose and the lower part of my face, my tears became to Christ a sweet sweet aroma to the Father. Not many come to this place. We are not many. I’m ever lost in the world when I should be ever in HIS chamber and only there. No one can understand me. I have the guts and tenacity to make it home for all eternity. Even if I have to crawl there on both my hands and feet, I will do it.

I love to create. I hate to copy others. This is the real me. When I bowled I would create a completely new line to find the way into the pocket. And did. Now, I am the same person. My personality. My Father fashioned me this way. With HIS very own hands. Lovingly.

Is HE any different?


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