Remain In The Holy Place Forevermore With Jesus

We had a great nine days off and got back just this morning just in time for our Sunday worship with banners. So the light shone through and the glory and light came down upon us and I sang and prayed more and more and more. I have had about a month’s cough. I am only just recovering from the aches and pains. The flu, therefore I have not been able to worship.

The sermon was lovely today. The analogy about the hurt eagle that fell down among the chickens and started to act like chickens. The, ‘you are whom you hang out with’. But then the owner took the eagle to the high mountain and let the eagle fly and it flew and flew and no longer went back to the farm chickens, picking on the muck on the ground. The sermon was titled, ‘I am known’. God knows our every need.

I got so excited and was so encouraged by the sermon.

This song is lovely.

I enter into the most holy place where the Son of God, the beloved Son of God, Jesus is. HE is pure bright white light. In this place, I reside for Jesus says, abide in ME. I belong to Jesus.

My husband has asked me to go to the doctor as he says I’m so hot. My whole body. When I go near him, he starts to perspire. Indeed the oils of the Holy Spirit are upon me and the prayers of our dear beloved saints before me. Their holy prayers. The oils are thick and my entire face is constantly covered and my arms are blazing hot and my back. My legs. My entire body. Inside, Christ in me, is the Lion’s roar. HIS blazing roar. We are doing the kingdom of God on earth which is in us. The kingdom of God is within. In us. So, we who have this Lion’s roar, are bold.

I have so got this balance. The place between the cross and the throne.
Actually, do you hear the blade of the sword when it is lifted out. Not to fight. Just to lift out. Do you hear it. It is crisp. It is powerful. It is used to defend. To stop the storms. The rains. The tornadoes. The floods. The …. It is used to protect our families and friends. I smile as my daughters will have years of fun figuring it out. What we can do and what we cannot. Our banners are used to bless. To bless those in our congregation. To bless those beside us. Around us. To play with Jesus.

Are you in this place of absolute bliss with Jesus.

I had this couple of ladies on my table. They asked me about what I thought about what is happening around us in the world today and how it is regarding the LORD. This will be my third presentation for my Service Learning Requirement as it comes within the subject matter in the lessons. Totally. I have grown so old. Mature. I’m able to answer questions regarding our faith. Scriptural ones.

I hope you are enjoying the worship songs. I know many. Lots. I hit the mark. It says so in my lessons. We need to hit the mark, immediately. I did. They said nothing. It was so direct. I suppose I should have watered down the answer to make it sound not that severe but hey, it’s fact. I had one reaction but it was fizzled out by the other lady. Now, how can you know truth and not tell it. Water it down. No. In one short sentence. I’m smiling here. Right to the point.

Here is where all the dancing and banner worship started for me.

Preach the word, the gospel, it’s right up there in the first worship song. Be ready in season and out of season to preach the word.

Indeed this is my job. My full time job. To pray. To hear God’s voice and to write it all down like the scribes. Like Paul. And the rest.


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