Just Abide In The Vine

Do you hear the heavens calling you?
Asking for a closer and deeper and more intimate walk with our LORD and Saviour Jesus who is the Christ.


There is no better and safer place to be than to be with Jesus walking along the narrow gate.
It is so true when Jesus spoke and shared the kingdom and when the people heard it, some left. Some remained. Some left. They chose that they could not do it. Would not.
Today I start off with Luke 8 and complete my Luke study for this week. Then tomorrow the two lessons of ‘Great Commission Strategies’.
I’m gonna start again by losing myself in Luke and a new book.
‘Liberating The Leader’s Prayer Life’ by Terry Muck.
My Logos Bible is so funny.


When you are no longer on vacation, it is time to read, read and read more and more and more about the things pertaining to the LORD. Study Scripture and enjoy life in intimate communion with Jesus in HIS word. Jesus is the word. Not forgetting to start fasting as well. Fasting and prayer goes together, hand in hand.

O give thanks to the LORD for HE is good and HIS love endures forever and ever and ever. God is love.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank YOU LORD JESUS. The great I AM.
I ❤ to keep it simple but I have to say I do compartmentalize two.
Life is just a big bundle of laughs.


I’ve not lifted the sword out but I hear it. A piercing sound in the spirit realm. The battle I fight is not in the world but it is in the spirit realm. The sword is used for especially this.
Luke 8 tonight and I need to complete all the questions as it is all go now that I am back home.
Coached Sophie today. She is a lady and her ball was swirling in the wrong direction. I got her to buy a new one that is much lighter and Ah Hoi drilled it for me. He used to drill all my balls for the kids. Once I brought over forty kids to the HK Open so there were at least forty balls. She got new bowling shoes as well. Dexter’s. The best. With the sliders. Now she can slide and her ball fits snugly. Nothing worse than a bowling ball falling off your fingers and thumb. They need to be snug on so you just gently tickle the ball. She got it right today for the first time in two years.
Tomorrow I get to see my little three year old. He is so sweet. He likes me.
And now for Luke 8.
The seed is the word of God.
Just found this song for this title.
God abide with me.
Eat of the good and the hard bits of the word.
Abide in Christ in HIS good times and bad.


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