Sometimes, Just Sometimes, I Just Wish Our Kids Would Just Grow Up

Psalm 46:10-11 ESV
10“Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”
11The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress.

What is below happened in my quiet time of the study of God’s word last night. Luke 8, PUP. The second half of my study for Thursday morning. We are instructed to study one book of Scripture at a time if we are to be an effective pastor from my Global University Bible Theology Course. I began to think this morning when I awoke after a deep deep sleep with Jesus, how how how, I used to ask can they do it. I spent about four hours in study last night. I didn’t even go deep enough but skimmed the surface of the word. Jesus is the word. It takes a quiet and still still heart to hear HIS voice in HIS word. In Christ. What a wonderful journey. In India one year in one of our cruise journeys many many children were crowding us. We were, or rather, I was for some reason or the other. Do not know about my husband. Then I did feel someone touch me so I asked my husband who touched me and he said all of the children were jammed packed against me. I looked but he was right. They were all packed right into me. All touching me. So, I just assumed the one child, little child here, was healed. When you wear a cross, even the children of the nations know who you are. Sometimes even as I am who I am, I often wonder who is touching me. I just let them. In the spirit. O but it is such an intimate place to study Scripture. And all my devotionals. So many decades of this absolutely wonderful place of peace and love and joy and delight in the LORD. I take such a delight in the LORD in the study of HIS word. How will they all get here. I have no idea. It’s Easter again. A reminder of the joy of our salvation when we did not a thing but believe. Believe that Jesus is the Son of our living Father. Our Abba Father. Do you only taste the goodness of the LORD. This too is the goodness of the LORD. Our salvation. When you see or reflect on this part of the life of Jesus are you moved to tears or do you just by pass it and think, it is done and that is that. Not my business but only Jesus’. The free gift of grace. Or does your heart get moved and you love Jesus more than ever before. This is love. So many do not know how to love. They do not know what it truly means. The old should be shut out. Someone like Millie who is no longer of any use to anyone. Nor my good self. Years ago I cried knowing that those who have served Jesus for half a century and more did not have provision financially for their old age. I cried to the LORD for them. But now it seems, a worse picture is appearing from our young. Not even that. Just go and get lost. Get out of the way. How immature. So childish. When we hear our young talk to us, we know where they are in their walk with Jesus. Take a picture of old Billy. Graham, you know. Where should you put him? Inside a room, lock the door and throw out the key. And just leave him there until he dies. Now, not now but in his sixties. Get real. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Every single one of them. Spend time touching the hand and face and heart of Jesus. Clean the blood off HIS face until you can see HIS face. Kiss HIS lips. Not only on HIS throne but also on the cross. Smear your kisses on HIS lips and HIS face as HE smears HIS blood all over your mouth and face and hair and the aroma of Christ becomes a pungent and horrid aroma to those who do not know HIM in this place as HIS presence in you fills the room. What is that smell? It is Christ our LORD. HIS presence. Christ in me. Go to this place where Jesus is being treated like a mere animal. Of no worth or even the respect of being just a man in the flesh. And grab on to HIS feet and be healed as the eyes of your heart are enlightened by the word. Jesus is the word. HIS love. Then HE takes your hand and asks you to stand beside HIM. HIS bride. Stand beside Jesus right here in this picture below and know that HE is God as the crowd mocks HIM. Both the Romans and the Jews. HE is God. No matter how old we are, our worth in Christ to be used by HIM never ceases. Every single one of us is worth weight in gold. HIS glory. For us. Kiss the Son in HIS lips. Cling onto HIM in HIS pain and suffering. Is HE useless in this place. By HIS stripes we are healed. This is what real love means. We love because HE first loved us before the foundations of the world. Respect your elders. We are not useless. We are all standing on holy ground still yet to be found by the youngsters. The sanctification process takes an entire life time. Some take longer as they do not want to submit to the word. It takes time for them to say yes to Jesus in the deep places of the heart. Heart issues. Read 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. It is every heart who knows how to love, loves. From childhood to a time when we see Jesus face to face. This is how I am taught by those who are old, now. Still they are of even greater use in the kingdom. The saying ‘children will be children’ rings through right now. Grow up, I tell my sons all the time. They are in their forties now. Grow up, I tell my two sons. Grow up. Grow up. It is taking longer than I could have ever imagined. And yet still I still still love them cos they are my sons. Grow up boys. Just grow up. Will my wilful sons listen to me. No. I’m just their mum. They love me and I love them. But still, they won’t grow up. Mum, they say, but won’t grow up. At forty. Both in their forties. What a waste of time, this is all I can say. Work on it. Grow up. Now. Just ever be reminded, we are not alone. Everyone is watching.

Galatians 2:20 (ESV)
20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.



Found this lovely song to go with my title.

Enjoy church.
Just right for this season of Easter.
The cross.
Do you only eat the good bits of the word?
Jesus is the word of God.
Or ………
do you also eat the hard bits.
HIS suffering.
Are you there with HIM?
Or are you like those who ran away.

I was there when they crucified the LORD.

I’m also in HIS throne room.
Also in the chamber.
And I walk with Jesus. I hold HIS hand tightly.

Hold me close Jesus and abide with me.

I hold HIS hand not only in HIS throne or when HE takes my hand and we walk together but also I hold HIS hand when they pounded the nail and still I hung on to HIS hand.
Are you the one when the seed fell on the good soil and receive it as you hear it, obey it as you understand it. Share the word and give it out to the entire world.
Do you know I did a word study on the vine and it’s impossible to be loosed off the vine. We only loose ourselves by disobeying the word. We loose ourselves when we break covenant with the LORD God. A covenant is a binding agreement. We break it by sinning against a holy God. Wilful disobedience. My way and not God’s way.

Do you think all this touching of Jesus that I do, draws HIS virtue out of HIM, this is why I am who I am in Christ our LORD.
Take this thought and possess this gift of grace from our LORD Jesus who is the Christ, Messiah.

O LORD Jesus, may I honestly say, ‘May I never ever leave this place right beside YOU LORD JESUS.’ We really become whom we want to be. By faith. The LORD truly knows our hearts and gives us what we ask. O but obey HIS word. This is the key to the kingdom of God. Faith in obeying and doing all that HE says to do. What a journey in Luke 8. Now for the questions for Luke 8. Then done done done by the grace of God. HE provides the heart to study HIS word. O Jesus, YOU love me so much.



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