Use My Talents


It has been a really enjoyable day today. It started with Luke 7 – 8, and our leader teacher was so impressive. She got her map up and it was nice. I have to say I am not a map person. When I was in Third Form, I would not take Geography because I had to remember the names of all those countries around the world but I was good at maps. Since then I had given up. It is nice that someone is good at maps. Maps is not my gift. I am still laughing at all the demons in the man and how Jesus was sent away when all those pigs with demons drowned. The horror of the crowd. I would be terrified myself. Not a demon person at all. Not at all. My friend and I had a good lunch and a good chat. Then it was our Powerhouse Prayer Meeting and since I am feeling so much better after a month’s flu I was able to pray. We had lunch. My second one. Then I met with my husband for my third lunch but he had already had someone at our grandson’s house to eat. I finally finished off my day with the most delightful three year old whose mother is from across the border originally. He is very happy and we play with his Lego train set. I tried to get him to colour but he is not yet able to colour within lines. He just colours the entire page. He wrote a ‘one’ and an ‘O’ today. I bought a lovely train colouring book which I will eventually use to help his hand colour within the lines. I also brought train stickers and he was so happy to stick them on his Lego train track. We are ‘Thomas’ fans now. When my two grandsons were young, boy did they play them there ‘Thomas ‘ DVD’s but now I’m back to the beginning again. He is beginning to mimic the sound of the one word I speak to him about. The hour had gone so fast it was a bit of a shock when we both knew it was time for me to go. He did not smile and I was so shocked that with my full day, it just seemed like half an hour. But an hour and a half had gone by and we were both still laughing and playing. I have to say it keeps me young at heart, though I’m so old now. He is most certainly a delightful little boy. We’ve still to work out the ‘Thomas’ DVD’s as the ones his mum got, or is it his dad, are for one to two year olds. I got the flu from this young lad. It lasted a month. It was horrible. I coughed all night. My husband was not happy. I really could not talk much as my throat hurt. I was afraid I would get laryngitis. I easily get an infection of my vocal cords especially during exam times when I have to talk a lot. My larynx has always been weak. I have to keep silent if there is fear of a larynx infection. No talking. Therefore it has been a wonderful day. Funny in so many ways. Life is splendid and good as always. Our lives are so good. Was speaking to my friend today and well, we are at an age, when our time is up, it is up. So many around us are going or gone. Happiness and peace is far more important than anything really at our age. Just enjoy life and go on more cruises and see the world and travel and …. this little three year old is so cute. Seems like I’m in a new season as it has come upon me without even knowing. Sophie’s ball worked out as the two she had were drilled wrong so the track was in the wrong place. She got her new ball and wondered how easy it is to hold the ball with it snug in her two fingers and thumb. My gosh. She bowled two years with a split core inside her two balls and they were wrongly centred and she had to grab the ball with her thumb and two fingers and hold on tightly to it so it would not fall on the approach. Then when she finally let go of the ball it looked horrible. hahahahahahaha My talents. Children and coaching. It ever works out well for me. She was even standing in the wrong places to pick up her spares. Where ever did she learn to pick up her spares in those places I have no idea. There is a set place to pick up each spare but no one ever taught her. Life was hard and her average was so low it will be easy to fix. She bowled quite a number of strikes the other day. O and she bought herself new bowling shoes with extra sliders. Dexter’s. Proper shoes are so important. I would hate to do this for a living. It would be too much like hard work. Just for fun is good enough for me. My talents. Met so many bowlers at the bowling alley. One of our managers asked if I was coaching still and I told him just one. Think the laughter and joy and happiness in the faces of John and Sophie is more than enough for me. I called my little three year old John because John was so intimate with Jesus though his family are practicing idol worshipers. You reap what you sow. This is a kingdom principle. If you love, in Christ, you just have to leave it all to Jesus and it would all happen. This is not John but he looks like this and this is not Sophie but these two pictures depict them. It has been a long, long day. Far too much to do in one day.

Image result for picture of a little chinese three year old boy

Image result for pictue of a chinese lady of fifty


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