A Lady In Our Church Service Manifested In Yelling And Screaming During The Service

There was a young lady who manifested into a rage during our entire service. Eventually she yelled and we all looked at her. I took her out of our service. Two others came and helped take her downstairs. She then yelled at the congregation when they left after the service. Saw one of our young teachers from Sunday School but he just moved deeper into the third or fourth row. It was serious. But he could have helped me lead her out gently. I got her bag and jacket and told her gently it was time to go. To leave. Actually, I’m good at this kind of stuff. Whenever there is something like this, Lydia and I are always called to deal with them. In this huge church wide gathering when Bill and Beni were here, they always got the ones like this my way. There is nothing to fear. Jesus is greater as we all know. HE has the authority over the demons. Even legions of them. Remember the pigs who drowned themselves. Honestly, she was really in a rage. She said that her ministry was stolen and that she was in jail for three years. She was looking on stage. This was after our Pastor, Peter had finished his sermon and the worship team already all on stage to start worship. Worship had not started yet when she manifested this anger and rage towards the stage. The young lady told Mokwan this morning that an evil spirit had entered her.
Actually, during worship there was a black shadow walking across the centre of our altar so I worshiped harder and prayed harder for my daughters on seeing this. Actually, this is the first time I’ve seen this dark person walk across our altar and I’ve been in our church for a long, long time. Since we moved to this building. I was in the Convention Centre and in the Furama, before that. I think we have a problem. A big problem. Actually, I think we have a huge one. I think we need help here.
The young lady sat on the second row. It seems to manifest in the same area.
Just a decade ago, when I accidently sat on the second row seat a really bad pungent smell of death filled the area. I bounced out of the seat and in prayer asked the LORD about that seat to which HE told me that something sexually impure and immoral happened in that area. Though there has been prayer throughout the years, it seems to manifest itself still, on that seat. Also behind the drums where the idol worship offerings took place. Sometimes the curtain will move. But it is not the air-conditioning. So I inquire of the LORD and HE says it’s movement of the spirits. To be honest I’m not a demon person but I’m not afraid of them. I actually looked at her throughout the service and she would sleep. I thought she had calmed.
I do so hope that young lady finds peace. Does she need to take her medication? It might help. There is most certainly a difference between seeing demons

compared to Jesus Christ our LORD.
I see Jesus. Seeing Jesus is my gift from the LORD.

The Holy Spirit by fire is in my entire home. It is very hot at home. We are both in shorts and tees. Not only are my hands burning hot so is my home. Thank you for your prayers.
Let’s take time to spend a bit of time with Jesus this Easter season. Eat of the hard bits of Scripture and the good ones where we are in the throne room of Jesus for all eternity. By HIS side. When I was in Youth Group as a young teen, I sang this song at a Youth Group Conference with my cousin. I truly sought Jesus with all of my heart and mind and strength. It has been a hard journey but in my old age now, I have to say, it is good. God is good all the time. You get what you pray for. I did not know how to love this Jesus. Honestly I did not. My cousin and I sang the I do not know how to love HIM song as well. We were young teenagers. I was fifteen.

I have come a long, long way since then.
Change the world.
It seems we have all come a long, long way together in this journey called life.
There is still time.

I will visit the Synagogue this week for the first time in my life. I wonder if I need to cover my head.
My two grandsons and my husband were with me today at the service as usual. What a blessing. My eldest grandson is now going to turn sixteen. And the other one, fourteen, early next year. They are such a blessing in our lives. We love them so much and in return they love us so much as well. Our Sundays are spent with them, chatting and eating and worshiping the LORD. What a blessing, right.
My entire home is covered in prayer and the presence of the LORD.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To conclude, love that does not conform to Scripture is not love no matter what emotional fervour there is. We need to be reminded and I do remind myself all the time, God looked at man and said he was evil continually. Also, even Jesus in the New Testament walked away from man as HE knew what was in them.
The question are we able to love the agape way. Though I say I am crucified with Christ, I am not Jesus, not the Christ. And still the love that I have in mine heart is nothing compared to the love Jesus has for me. Indeed, we are still in the flesh. We need to be aware and not be deceived that love is very hard to attain in the purest of form. Man will ever want to think they love like God loves but it is not possible as we are not God. We are still in the flesh. Therefore, it is always better to live out Scripture and not take on things that do not conform to the word. Anything against the word is not living out our walk to the full potential.
The young lady yelled out about fake love. She is not altogether wrong in this matter. Hey, even the demons know Jesus and know. Do you not think the deceiver himself not know this.
Think about it.
Are you living your life in line with Scripture?
If not so, you are then living out your life according to the flesh of this world.
Interesting right.

Thank you.
My entire house is filled with the Holy Spirit and so are we. My husband and me.
It is about six degrees hotter in our home.
Thank you Thank you Thank you church.
Now, this is love.


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