I Found My Two Friends From School This Week

I found two of my friends from my teenage years this week. We should be able to connect this Fall when we go over to see our grandchildren this year. I found Mona as well and we have connected. I still cannot find Bruni yet in Germany. I would need her married name. She is not in our School Facebook pages nor other School Sections.
We were naughty. All of us. Viviane and I used to climb up to the top of the hill every single day. It was fun. We wore the dogs out. We also ran away from home. Like very teenager. Then got scared of the dark under the house and never went back and gave up the idea of ever doing it. hahahahahahahaha Viviane’s curls here gave her up on the find. She had these perfect curls whilst we had long hair. hahahahahahahaha Those were the best days of our lives. 





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