Jesus Is My Everything

John 8:12
12Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

I see the LIGHT. JESUS is the light. think it is hard as most see the darkness of this world but I have been gifted to see light all around me. I have entered into the very heart of our KING of king and LORD of lords and bask in HIS glory. It’s really hard for me as in the light of Christ Jesus our LORD there is no darkness. Only pure bright white light. I suppose it so hard for those who do not see the light and the glory of the LORD. I have got so very used to this place. Basking in Jesus.

It tough. In our third service, we are in total darkness when we worship. Actually, with the light of Christ, nothing is bright enough. When first I saw the light of Christ in our church, above, I had to close my eyes as even that small speck of the light of Christ was too bright for my eyes to behold. I often wonder why I am still alive and why I can still see. I should be blinded by all this light and dead for seeing Jesus. But I’m still alive to tell the tale.
Last Sunday a dark shadow walked across our altar which was pitch dark. The darkness cannot perceive the light as Jesus, Himself is the light. They have been in opposite sides since the great battle between verse one and two in Genesis. Praise the LORD we only have one chapter of Luke to do for our next lesson which is weeks away. They have a Leader’s Training Course this week. So, all this darkness on our Sunday service, I don’t get it.

I only see light. The light of the world. This is Christ Jesus our LORD.
We honestly get what we seek for. I sought the presence of the LORD from a very tender age and see whom I have found. The Christ. Messiah. The light of the world and I cannot perceive the darkness either.

Of course we never get here without the prayers of our loving saints who have a burden in their hearts to pray for us who seek the LORD in the holy place. Therefore we give thanks to the LORD for these prayer warriors who stand in the gap day and night and night and day in prayer and supplication so that those who are able, enter in and enjoy the presence of the LORD in HIS most glorious light.



I’ve so fallen in love with this song.
Jesus, YOU’RE my everything.
Right church.
Jesus is our everything.
HE is our all in all.
HE consumes our entire being that we just become totally and absolutely HIS and HIS alone.
Then this speck of not even dust, becomes HIS.
The total encompassment of who HE is.

Whoops, I lost my worship song. Forgot which one it is.

Lesson 14 of our ‘Great Commission Strategies’ was so short and easy. Done. Got my Exam on Monday. Second half.


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