Everything Is About Jesus Jesus Jesus


I was in the Alpha Leadership Course tonight as I volunteer eight of my weeks to lead in a small group setting. I had done the course years ago and lead in our Sunday School and taught on the week on the Holy Spirit and one teen has given her life to Jesus as well one of those weeks.
I’m going to read Lesson 16 of our ‘Great Commission Strategies’ in our Global University BA Course on ‘The Bible And Theology’.
To be honestly honest, it has ever been on my mind, the existence of God from a very tender age of below the age of five as that is what I was always taught to think about really in my mind. Only God. Just God. All God and nothing else.
I just got back in touch with my teenage friends and when my very first best friend left, totally devastated, our church set up a Youth Group for us. They had a couple of aged forty  come in after their work to make sure we were alright. Then they took us out in the weekends until we were all set up and kept showing up daily after school. Then we got our own Youth Group room and we hung round there on Sundays but still went to the office to hang out and talk and chat.
Think it is good that the LORD loves me so much to lay out my every single step all my life.
Indeed LORD, YOU’RE my everything.

jesusheavenAnd what does a woman do in my position. Easy. I dance with Jesus across the universe.
It’s this easy. 
Actually, I started in our church and then one day I thought, the fields where the lilies and the grass was. And then I thought, what about dancing in the skies. But that was not enough. I then started across the universe.
It’s this easy.

Where is your life church?
All of it. Completely. In its entirety?
Think about it. Give it all to the LORD.
To Jesus.
Every single thing.
Every single breath.
After all did the LORD not give it to you in the first place.
And every single thing that you have.
O Jesus Jesus Jesus
YOU ❤ me so much


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