Our LORD Is High And Lifted Up Above Us


It was a wonderful worship today. My two daughters have found so much victory in Christ our LORD on the place they are taking for Christ our LORD. I cannot believe what the LORD is doing in their lives.
I have to say that I never felt such joy when those bright lights were on. They brightened the entire sanctuary. As you can see we were not in utter darkness.
My youngest daughter took so much ground today and worshiped up and down the designated area for banner worship. My eldest is now standing tall and nothing will be able to take her down. She is so strong in Christ. She is such a beautiful bride in Christ as well. My other daughter who has only really started these past couple of months was unable to dance but still God needs to grow in her as she is still just standing solidly in one place. Anyways, it will happen in God’s good time. Maturity takes years. Decades.
In our Global University, Great Commission Strategies, it teaches us that a leader must be transparent in front of the children so that we are real people with real struggles and victories. Only in this manner, the relationship between the leader and her children will there be trust which leads to growth. Exponential growth in the children. This is called discipleship.
O well, something is working.
The LORD is working.
All glory be to the LORD.
Did y’all see the blessings flowing down from the throne room of Jesus blessing my two daughters?
O but the love of Christ our LORD.
HE was high up in the high places. Just Jesus. High and lifted up. On HIS throne. Seated on the throne of Christ our LORD. The Ancient of Days.
O so so I played with the blessings from heaven and sprinkled it on both my daughters.
Thank YOU LORD JESUS for THY divine mercy and provision for your saints.
O our altar was clear. But we worshiped before the service all around it and took the altar for Jesus.
We enthrone the KING of kings and LORD of lords and when HE is high and lifted up above us, the glory of the LORD falls down to HIS saints. When HIS glory falls, blessing upon blessing is passed from Jesus to us. Indeed, we are already blessed but we want more and more and more of the blessings of Christ our LORD.
Betty gave a wonderful sermon.
I have to add my worship young teen from Sunday School sang today and she was awesome as usual. I remember her worshiping and the presence of the LORD was in our Sunday School. She has grown a bit and her heart is on fire for Jesus.


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