Preach The Gospel

It has taken me years to come to terms with this vision of the crucifixion of the Christ. Since my early twenties I have been having visions of the crucifixion. It is not an easy vision to have. It pierces the very core of my heart. I suppose no one else knows this feeling that I have. This vision that I had and have. It is true as Wigglesworth says, we experience what the apostle experienced. See what they saw. Feel how they feel. You get what you pray for. I prayed to be an apostle when I was seven or eight and got it, like years later. It is good I have left the legacy which the Christ, Messiah put in my heart. Circumcision. Of the heart. They were pierced in their hearts. Even in being pierced in the heart, you have to change and be the person Scripture describes as a holy walk in a holy life style. I suppose it has been easy for me as I was brought up to obey the LORD. I suppose HE prepares the way from the birth of a person till the death, heaven’s gate for all eternity. And what blows my mind is before the foundation of the earth. When I look at my beautiful daughters, I am in wonderful amazement how the LORD has grown them holy in their walk with HIM, Christ our LORD, this is. All I have to do is to love Jesus and pour forth the glory of the LORD upon them and HE does everything. Like Betty’s ‘let God’. It was done unto me this is why I do it unto my daughters and my children. Faith in the LORD that HE will complete what HE started. HE will bring it into completion. Not me but God. The power of Christ in us.


We are each and everyone of us the one Jesus came for.

As HE holds us each and every single day, HE did so that day as well. HE remembered each individual in HIS
This is true
AGAPE did not come cheap.
Jesus gave HIS life for HIS AGAPE for us. Each and every one of us.
To know the very of our living God.
Christ Jesus our LORD
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Truly, as Scripture says, you reap what you sow.


The blood covenant.
It says in Scripture that Jesus’ body no longer had any more blood when the soldier stuck the spear into HIS side.
It says in Scripture that HIS body did not resemble that of a human being after HIS beating. No semblance of a human. It took so much oil to clean the wounds that Jesus bore for our transgressions.
This is what means.
They could not show the true horror of the crucifixion in the film as it was too horrible for anyone to see. So, it is not the true depiction of what Jesus looked like.
Our transgressions were taken upon the body of Christ Jesus our LORD. All transgressions. You can only imagine what Jesus looked like on the cross.
This is what real  means. 

Jesus took the fall for me and for all of us and well the broken road HE took as God is something amazing and it really touches my heart. When Peter preached in Acts 2, those who were listening we cut in their hearts. Well, the LORD chose to tell me HIS story like Abraham and Moses and all the greats and well, I finally chose to take the broken road and I just feel like so up close and personal with Jesus. 

This will be the fourth ‘Service Learning Requirement’ for my ‘Great Commission Strategies’ for my Global University for ‘The Bible And Theology’ the ‘Preaching Of The Gospel’. The thing is if there is anyone who knows how much Jesus suffered for my/our salvation, it would be me, cos I was there when they crucified the LORD. I was there. Literally. Two thousand years ago. What is Spirit is Spirit. I only just hope these four preaching of the gospel will be enough as I really tired to be original within the confines of the gospel. I tried my best to be creative and use different methods to show that I am holding on to truth from the Old Testament to the New Testament and still changing with the times. The culture, the political status of the times. Technology wise as well as it reaches out to all the nations of the earth.
All glory and honour be to our LORD, Jesus who is the Christ, Messiah. 


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