The Gospel

I got really tired coaching Sophie today as she had taken on some bad habits in the two years she had started the game. Those bad habits were so horrible, it did not look like a bowler. It has only been weeks since I had taken care of her ball, her shoes and her style and release. I like to keep it really simple as her average was very low. It is easy to fix when it is so low. There is a hope. She has been able to learn how to use her own mind. Make the decision, by herself. Decide and implement her decision. If wrong. Change it in the next shot.
I was coached such by world champion coaches. They taught techniques if used to its maximum, would arrive at the world arena.
So, Sophie has nothing to fear as I know how to communicate the simple skills and techniques to her. She was a bit downcast as she thought she was not a bowler therefore her average was so low and her release was so bad and the ball looked so ugly.
But with a lot of details, I was able to change the appearance of everything into something that looked good. Really good.
She is delighted.


In Christ this week, is it not that we come from a broken and not right place to the perfect position in Christ. By HIS grace and HIS suffering on the cross.
This week is the celebration of such a time, yearly, our salvation.
Christ in us.
The blood of the unblemished Lamb of God.

Yet, some of us are so into the old nature. The things of this world still seem to creep into our minds. Things that take away from the perfect strike. The loaded bases so all four can make it home.
Indeed, we are still in this world but like Sophie, who has been able to learn new things and adapt so quickly, what about us?


Have we forgotten what a great salvation we have in Christ Jesus our LORD?
Indeed, HE is risen and I see Jesus seated on HIS throne. In HIS throne room. High and lifted up. In HIS glorious light. HIS glory falling down upon me and my beloved daughters in Christ. Victory is HIS and HIS alone for without Christ, indeed we can do nothing. Nothing belongs to us. Everything belongs to the LORD. Even our every single breath.


 Therefore, is there not any time you can spend with Jesus this holy week. HIS time of suffering. HIS

We will enter into a time when the empowerment of the Holy Spirit was sent after the resurrection of our LORD, Jesus Christ. If HE did not leave us, our salvation, we could not ever be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit. 
Is this worth a moment or two?
Is Jesus worth a moment or two?
An hour or so?
After all, HE gave HIS life for ours so that we can enjoy eternity together forevermore. 

This is not about being emotional. This is about eternity.

People walking towards a huge cross passage

This will be another of one of my ‘Preaching The Gospel’, ‘Service Learning Requirement’ in ‘Great Commission Strategies’. 
I’m a gospel person. 
I see Jesus daily.
All the time.
Global University
The Bible And Theology


I’m sure that this week’s time with Jesus will be enough and as we change the world together and draw closer and closer to Christ our LORD, generation after generation will be empowered by the Holy Spirit by the blood of the Lamb. 
To God be the glory. 


Sophie finished good today in the tournament by herself. She knows what to think about and focus on and what to do. All by herself. Let go and let God. She is Catholic.
Wow moment. She had a 130 average. Today she did well. Very well indeed.


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