We Must Allow Jesus And Only Jesus Access Into Our Hearts For Jesus To Be Our Everything

Fix our eyes on Jesus the pefector and finisher of our faith. Do not draw away from this. Christ our LORD. Keep the faith. Hold on tight to the hand of Christ. Let HIS glory fall down upon us. Blessing upon blessing upon blessing. Never leave the side of Christ our LORD. Study HIS word diligently. Never let go to finding out more about who our LORD is in HIS word. Jesus is the word who became flesh and dwelt with us. Jesus is our God. Do not turn to the left or the right. Do what is good. Walk the narrow gate with Christ. Never look back to what was but look upwards to what will be and walk towards Jesus. Know Jesus as everything that we are. Know HIM as HE fills our all in all. Do not lose heart or be faint nor weary as Jesus has overcome the world. Do not stop doing good things and thinking holy words from Scripture. Be happy at all times for we are all born for such a time as this that the LORD is glorified in all that we do, all that we eat and all that we are. There is none other nor any other but Christ our LORD. The way the truth and the life. A life worth living because we live for Christ our LORD. For in the end, when we enter the gates of heaven and into HIS chamber as HIS bride, we can say we tried our best and our best will ever be enough for Jesus cos HE did HIS best for us on the cross. Salvation is the LORD’S.

Alpha was really good tonight. Those that came really talked talked and talked about the video and the emptiness inside, looking for the meaning of life. So they talked about how they sought worldly things, thinking it could satisfy their hearts and souls but alas, they had to seek more of this world to try to satisfy the emptiness in them. 
Interesting right. 
Week 1
Volunteer Co-Leader


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