Use Them Spiritual Muscles


Dunno about y’all but when we were in secondary school we had to run in the marathon, to the second pagoda and back. Everyday we only had to run the first pagoda and back at lunch time and then in athletics. I was in the athletic team. Though I was in the marathon every year I only could come in fifth, every single year in from of the entire school. It was so embarrassing to finish fifth and not second. Katy made it first every single year as she is a marathon runner. I was just a sprinter so ….. School was only a hundred in the entire secondary school. We had really small classes so everyone knew everything about everybody.
So, what are you spiritual muscles like?
Are you using them according to the word of God or are you just going along without order and doing all the things of this world?
Stop and think about it. Stop and read the word and find out who Jesus and what HE stood for and how HE obeyed all the law and when HE spoke some left. They could not do it. Think they just thought this, not gonna do it.
How many of you are not doing as the word of God says and compromise the word or change it like the changing times and decades and centuries?
Does God change?
HE is an absolute. HE changes for no one.
We have to change to accommodate HIM.
HE does not change to accommodate us.
Surprise. Surprise.
We are to change from our wicked ways and turn towards HIM and repent and HE will make our sins as white as snow.
Jesus paid the price.
So when Sophie had to change from the ways she used for two long years, I would say it was a bit difficult to use different muscles and a different way of delivering her new ball. Everything was changed. She had to give up the old for the new.
Same with us believers. We need to give up our old nature of this world for our new one in Christ. Be holy as I AM holy.
Try it.
Use your spiritual muscles.
Tonight is Jesus’ agony in the garden of Gethsemane. How painful it must have been to see what HE had to take upon HIMSELF. All our sins on HIS body. So much so that the Father who could not look upon sin could not look upon HIM. Do you think it might be the first time the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, were not, not in agreement but separate in this way that the Father could not look upon sin and turned HIS face away for the very first time. But the Holy Spirit was with Jesus.
It also brings tears to my eyes thinking Jesus did it all..
And our little part is just to live in obedience of the word, who is the Christ, Messiah. The Lamb of God. The unblemished Lamb of God.
I have been invited to serve Holy Communion tomorrow.
During communion, we are called to do this in rememberace of what Jesus had to do so we could be with HIM forever eternally. I always see Jesus’ body on the cross during communion and ask for forgiveness of any wrong-doing. Indeed we are still in the flesh and even a harsh word towards my own dear and loving husband is a sin. And I also thank Jesus for what HE has done for me to be free. Tears often spring to mine eyes and now I wonder if tears sprung to HIS. If so, should I not kiss HIS tears with mine lips just to show Jesus how much I love HIM. All things are possible with God. And then I wonder if anyone else has done this for Jesus on the cross. After all, we are washed clean by the water of the word. I do suppose, no one in this world would ever dream of doing something like this, but me. Intimacy with the Christ, my LORD and Saviour Jesus who is the Christ, Messiah. 
In the end, as it was said to me by those before me. We will never see the fruit of what we have so faithfully done for Christ in the gift HE has given us. The next generation and the next and the next will profit.
It surely is hard work. But all worth it at the end of my life for I can say, I’ve done my best and my best is more than enough. 

For even Jesus did HIS best

HE died
He rose
HE is seated at the right hand of the Father
HE is interceding for us day and night and night and day
What more can a saint want
My best is enough for Jesus
I know
I see HIS face every single day of my life
Sometimes, just sometimes, life is a tad bit tuff. This job I have been given is hard work.

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