I Preached The Gospel To My Bowling Friends (Service Learning Requirement)

We have been friends for decades. We fought battles on the lanes together. Cried tears of pain together. We were together for four years, day in and day out. We just went home to sleep. All at the cost of the game. 
When I had opened my Service Learning Requirement, requirement of preaching the gospel, I thought of them, at once. They knew me to be a believer and never went into the temples with them to worship other gods. Their gods. I stayed outside. The only one outside. So, I thought to myself, as they are deep into their gods. 
But Margaret, I found is a Catholic and believes in God. 
So at lunch after I had already preached the gospel to Catherine, I asked her if we could all lunch together and I preach to the rest of our team. She agreed, after accepting Jesus herself. 
We lunched and I asked Margaret if I could preach the gospel to her but she told me she is already a Catholic and does not need preached the gospel to. But at the end of the lunch she agreed to my sharing of the gospel to her. I asked her if she believed in Jesus, to which she replied that she believes in God. So I preached the simple gospel to her and she was happy. I felt that I did not have to plough everything into a one time deal and that she was happy enough and the next time we met we could get together and talk about Jesus more in depth together.
So, when MC returned from her smoke I asked her if she would mind if I preached the gospel to her. Now, for an hour and a half she had shared her faith and we all participated in the conversation. She told me that she did not mind. The way Paul had approached the men of Athens in the same manner so I was happy that I had been able to duplicate Scripture learnt from my Independence Study Textbook (Acts 17:22-23a ESV). I also was moved by the worth of the individual at this luncheon (IST 2013, 126). Therefore with her openness, I proceeded to preach the gospel to her.
Indeed, with her it is the first time I have ever approached her with the gospel, so, I did not go further as I did not wish to put her off forever hearing about my Jesus. With her smiles, I knew she was open to all our tomorrows in these friendships we have for life. 

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