What I Learnt This Easter Past

I’ve come out this Easter totally worn out. This Easter season has been so long. Of course some have Easter as a three and a half month season but for me, just a couple days is enough for me. But this year, it has been long. Far too long. It’s wearing. I’m worn out and tired. So, during those three days before the resurrection I was in prayer and supplication in my prayer closet. Come Easter Sunday I was totally dead to self. So what did I study last night. Luke 9. My gosh. We are instructed to study book by book in our Global University course. Bible and Theology. So I started to study book by book as well as the course itself. Got to the part where the LORD spoke to me about self. Worldly crowns. Worldly awards. Dunno if you have all been taught by your mentors that what we do not need is any stuff of this world but only the things that are eternal, imperishable. Not perishable. I have won thousands of medals and trophies. I threw lots out but a few for keepsake. Just to say I’ve been there and done that. But I had so wanted much more recognition, from this world. Human recognition. Not that of the crown by which I will take to my KING but things of this world. So the LORD brought me back and taught me last Saturday about what is perishable is perishable. What is spiritual is not. Imperishable. Just to lay my crowns is good enough for HIM. So, I cried, repented and rested into Luke and there in Chapter 9 is, pick up your cross and follow me. If you gain the world, you lose your life. You did do the house cleaning and the peeling of the self life application. And the dross. And so I find that as we live daily, we still pick up garbage. Dirt. Filth. Self. The flesh. The old man. The one that we do not need in the new man. So, I repented of my sin of desiring a worldly crown. By Easter Sunday I was still licking my wounds. With Luke I started to see my own human nature, the Adam one. So, I took a day’s rest. Now I’m back again and to be honest, I am getting real old here. At sixty-three this year, I’m beginning to forget stuff. Not like in the past where everything is embedded in my mind and cannot be removed. Like some picture book. 

I do wish to add though in the weekend, my two daughters were beautiful. Absolutely. Honestly, we really do only have eyes for those we disciple which are my two daughters. Who the LORD is growing them in Christ is something I have never dreamed of. When I started to worship in banners with Madd, there were not many. But then Lydia, my eldest loved banners as well and we were worshiping together for years and then my little Jo came along. At nine and now she should be sixteen. Both her and Lydia are now the two HE has chosen to take the worship path together.
It teaches us in discipleship in our Global University course that it is not many but few, like Jesus’ twelve. HE spent all HIS time with them. They grew to be just like Jesus. Now these two daughters of mine are just growing and blossoming. See. Let go and let God and HE will grow them. Now these two banners. One is silver and the other white with some blue and green and yellow tiny patches, very light and almost not visible unless you take the banners up close. But both daughters’ banners display purple and a greenish colour. But there is not such colour in any of the two banners. Nor are they taken at different times in different places. They are taken just twenty feet apart from each other. It’s beautiful right. Look at how Jesus is surrounding my youngest daughter with HIS love. HE is totally taking her to HIS side and she is a willing participant of HIS love. Accepting.  Just to add, she is a bible study person since she was little, as well. Spirit and truth. Surely our God is an amazing God and this old lady needs a rest. A holiday. A long one.
Today,  I saw my spiritual son and daughter. They are so happy. Sometimes we lose sight of the wonderful things that Jesus is doing in the lives of those that will stand tall and mature and fight the good fight of faith after us. Cos we are too busy to slow down and look back and see who is behind us following close. Think for me, the beauty is that this young daughter of mine is going to teach the word. She knows Jesus well, as the word. It truly is a tough fight of faith, this walk of holiness. Franklin took the last lesson today on the preaching of the gospel and discipleship. We concluded that our God is an absolute God and HE changes for no one. We need to turn from our wicked way and stand humble before HIM and walk according to HIS statutes and commandments. Not break them for if there is no transformation. No sanctification along with the journey, there is not faith. We are Armenians. We need to conform to Christ our LORD and not conform to the world. We need to be separate and not expect God to conform to us. I suppose this is the best worship song. Christ is enough for us. Not we are enough for Christ as in Christ, we grow from glory to glory. We do not stay in our old self but grow into our new nature until full stature.  I do not have to be perfect until I see Jesus face to face. I just need Jesus. And try my best to live according to the word. This is Christ our LORD.
To be God be the glory.



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