The Good Life


Luke 9, was great today as Sue taught. She touched on the subjects about the demons as well. But we do not have to be afraid of them as Christ lives in us and we have power and authority over the demons and they also know the powerful name of Jesus. We focused on following Jesus. Taking up our cross daily. Die to self. Everyone participated in the discussion and it was very nice. We have one gentleman in our group. Next week we only have to do Luke 10. Wonderful. It is so short and easy. 

Sophie had her lesson today and I spoke to her about many things regarding the game. She is doing much better. She had asked me about three weeks ago if she was not a bowler after two years of trying to learn the technique and skills of a bowler. I had also thought about what she had asked me but she has been able to do the things of a bowler so she is an athlete. In every sport it takes time to nurture and there are many areas we need to take into account as everyone is an individual.
I had had a body problem in my game when I bowled so I needed to drag my leg at a right angle, to the shoulders to correct my mistake. But this is just me. Others work on a 135 degree. Little things matter, that make a big difference at the rack with the shot. So, minor adjustments need to be made for the individual.

Apart from bible study and bowling, all is well in this front.
God is good all the time.
Life is a blast and what a wonderful life we have in Christ, our hope of glory.


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