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I’ve always had this contentment in me from a very young age. You could say that I found this place or I was allowed to be in this place of absolute contentment. It is a gift from God. I have found so many darting about like plucked chickens all my life. Here, there and everywhere. No one seems to be able to find a constant contented place. I would say mine was found in our Sunday School when I was supposedly helping out with the babies. I sat and read instead as it was our church library. In this place I would be sitting reading contentedly whilst it all went on. Everyone running about.
Things are no different now that it has been sixty years later. People are still not contented. They are always and ever running about and I am just in the same place, doing the same place. With the LORD. No one knows if they will be in the same place after a few years. They just do not know if they have staying power.
Once when I had done a year’s gym work and had all these muscles, I was asked to go into the weightlifting section or even the rowing section, but I said I would just stay in the game. The same game. People are just not contented with what they do and need to jump and move from place to place to place.
Are they not happy maybe. I do not know as I do not know that place.
There are so many unhappy and un-contented people in this world. They are flitting around here and there and there and here and yet, it’s in their hearts.
What a shame, right.
No staying power.
I think what is good is that my kids are like me. Staying power. Keeping within the same ole same ole. Not, not growing but growing cos they have stayed the in the race. Stayed the pace.
In Christ, it is such a hard place to be fore most.
But I have learnt from a very tender, young, age to be. Just to be in this place.
Sometimes I just want to shut mine eyes and let them run about. Not look. Like what I just dreamed in my nap. A little boy running, running, running. Until he lost his mother. Then I hastily asked him to find his mother. But in the running, he lost her. He could not find his way back to his mum’s side. So I started to call out for his mum. He just sat down.
So many are just running all over the place. Here, there and everywhere. You just got to let them until they find it in their hearts to stay put and sit and be still.
There are so many unhappy and uncontented people in this world around us, daily.
Like when I was just a child of six, just sit and read and let it all happen around me as I am contented to be, just Christ and me.
O my daughters. They are contented and happy and consistent.
Now we have one family. Including us. Two families. Then we are all just one family. Contented in Christ, worshiping the King of kings and LORD of lords.

17201251_10154439214738527_8419031731824436919_n O, you know what, we are only doing one chapter a week now. Luke 10. How easy. hahahahahahaha After Deuteronomy and five chapters. Sometime six. I nearly died. hahahahahahahaha And Leviticus. We are doing Acts next year. Hopefully the year after we continue along the New Testament.
Change the world.
It happens if you life a godly life. Everything changes around you.
I have found this place where no circumstance can change me except Jesus. The word.
Act my age.
Let the kidos run around crazy but us old folks, deeply rooted in Christ, just remain. Remain in the vine.
O but your days of our youth. We were so naughty.
Children are so naughty.
Just let them take the rest of their long lives to get here.
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