“For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” Deuteronomy 4:24

Song Of Solomon 2
1I am a rose of Sharon,
a lily of the valleys.
2As a lily among brambles,
so is my love among the young women.
3As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
so is my beloved among the young men.
With great delight I sat in his shadow,
and his fruit was sweet to my taste.
4He brought me to the banqueting house,b
and his banner over me was love.
5Sustain me with raisins;
refresh me with apples,
for I am sick with love.
6His left hand is under my head,
and his right hand embraces me!
7I adjure you,c O daughters of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles or the does of the field,
that you not stir up or awaken love
until it pleases.
The Bride Adores Her Beloved
8The voice of my beloved!
Behold, he comes,
leaping over the mountains,
bounding over the hills.
9My beloved is like a gazelle
or a young stag.
Behold, there he stands
behind our wall,
gazing through the windows,
looking through the lattice.
10My beloved speaks and says to me:
“Arise, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away,
11for behold, the winter is past;
the rain is over and gone.
12The flowers appear on the earth,
the time of singingd has come,
and the voice of the turtledove
is heard in our land.
13The fig tree ripens its figs,
and the vines are in blossom;
they give forth fragrance.
Arise, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away.
14O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,
in the crannies of the cliff,
let me see your face,
let me hear your voice,
for your voice is sweet,
and your face is lovely.
15Catch the foxese for us,
the little foxes
that spoil the vineyards,
for our vineyards are in blossom.”
16My beloved is mine, and I am his;
he grazesf among the lilies.
17Until the day breathes
and the shadows flee,
turn, my beloved, be like a gazelle
or a young stag on cleft mountains.


heart divider

Today my daughters were wonderful in worship. I focused the eyes of my heart on Christ and Christ alone. 

1 John 3:2 (ESV)

2 Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears[a] we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is.

Today’s sermon was on love when Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him, three times and all three times, Peter loved Him in a brotherly love. 
Love is a very hard one all my life as people tell me their stories. 
Once a thirty year old lady told me she was raped by her brother when she was twelve but her mother never knew. She asked me what to do. I told her to tell her mother as this lady was suffering the hurt that her mother loved her brother but he showed her how he loved her by raping her. They were both teens. Another time, I was not in a study as they were dealing with battered wives. A place of pain and suffering. Then once a teen wanted to jump off the building cos his father beat up his mother. And asked his mum to jump with him.
Y’all should know Bon Jovi’s, ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’.
All in the name of love.
He was hurt as well.
I have honestly not felt this kind of suffering and pain except for my first husband’s infidelity. But I soon got over it. He did sit me down once to tell me how useless I was and after that I told him I was not listening to his rubbish as he wronged me, I did not do it ever to him.
We have children who cry as one parent loves one more than the other, they feel and then the mother comes up and says but she bought her all the lovely dresses and then passed it on to her younger sister. Is this not love?
And the story goes on and on and on.
I do not think Peter ever loved Jesus the same way Jesus loves him as Peter was still in the flesh.
We know of those who in love rape kids. It happened to my friend and she got gonorrhea. At twelve. She was never the same person, she said.
We hear of worse things happen to people in this world.
All in the name of love.
Love does not hurt others.
It loves.
The same like ‘bara’ in Genesis can only be done by a divine God, the same with the love of God.
If by any chance you go through the love chapter and do everything in it. Think not right.
We are still living in the flesh and fall short of the glory of the LORD.
We are complete when we see Jesus face to face.
I spoke to my grandsons on this thing called love that I would never do anything that would hurt them. Touch them in any inappropriate way. Nor should they allow others to do so. We helped with our grandsons for years as they lived with us and we guarded them with our lives. They know this. We talked about it. Teach them what is right love and what is fake love.
The poor young lady who screamed the other week in our service about fake love. She had obviously been through a lot about love. Love was her issue.
Did you do the bible study on boundaries?
I get the repeat from my teachers when others fail to live under boundaries.
Keep a hold of your boundaries. Guard your heart for out of it flow the springs of life.
I love and get hit. I need to guard my heart.
This journey is real tough at times.
Real people with real issues.
I have to say none of the above happened to me. My life was guarded. Except when my husband shot me down as I was not a business woman. I never listened to him again as he was an infidel.
Life is tough but honestly, life is exceptionally good for me.
Jesus loves me, this I know, in a humongous way.
Boundaries please or I will be told off by my teacher for not guarding my heart.  



Are we not all looking forward to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit by fire in Pentecost?


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