Love And Bowling

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In conclusion to ‘love’, it is this simple. Dig deep and find truth for yourself. Exegesis it yourself and look up the cross references and compare Scripture and find out the true intention of the author and what the LORD is saying to us all. What I was told. Dig deep.
Divine love is God and HIS alone. HIS nature and HIS character.
HIS love far exceeds ours as HE far exceeds whom we could ever imagine HE is.
Therefore I philia, friendship.
I’m sure it’s good enough.
I eros my husband and Jesus.
Jesus agapes me.


I coached Sophie today and it was so enjoyable. Think I’m in a new season of my walk again. It was lovely coaching tenpin as all that I learnt I shared with her. My experiences on the world circuit. It’s all about the game in the end. She loved learning. She said half a month ago if she was a bowler as her failure to be one for the last two and a half years made her feel that she could not ever look like a bowler nor bowl like one. Indeed, in the beginning I also wondered myself but in the month that followed, she began to display the form I had been taught. The placing of all the body parts. All my experiences to make a 210 average, she could emulate. It was most satisfying. So, today, last week, we observed her scores. Her ability to pick up spares. Strikes. I was a strike queen. She is beginning to take after me. Regrettably she has hurt her two fingers. She cannot lift up the ball with her two fingers like I did and fling it up and catch it with both hands. This would be impossible for her. She misused her two fingers too long. But her thumb and wrist is fine. She is not using a guard so she can freely use her wrist as well. She is able to hit the target as I simplified the game. Made only two moves of the body so it’s easy to be consistent. The power is in the right angle. She cannot use it fully as yet but it will come. I am good at explaining and she is good at doing what I ask her to do. She nearly bowled a 150 average today for six games. She said she had a 130 average when we started. She is looking good and she has got a good shot but she is still backing up. Just noticed her hand is at the top of the shot so she needs to kneel to get it at the back, bottom. Having fun here. Summer is upon us. The flowers are blooming and life is a blast. Happiness and joy fills our lives all around us and in us and there is a deep deep peace that can only be found in Christ and HIM alone.



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Use wisdom.
There is a lot of stuff being thrown at each other these days. My job is to stay far from the trajectory of those things being thrown at each other.

Escape …………
It’s a war out there right now.

Focus on Jesus.

The safest and best place to be.
Go on a vacation for two, my husband and me and have a romantic holiday, again. Very good for the marriage, this.



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