Gotta Study More

This is so me since I started reading. Think I was five. I got my first book in school and read the entire book. The book was supposed to be for the entire year but I finished it on a oner. Then when I asked for another one, my mother said, I only had one and sent me to our church library, where I sat and read and read and read. These days my devotionals and bible studies are all that I read. I know nothing about the news of this world. I focus on the news of the LORD. Think to know the seasons and the times of the LORD is more important. Then everything falls into perspective of what the LORD is doing and how far we are from the second coming of our LORD Jesus who is the Christ. Right church. I wrote way back then as well. Lots and lots and lots. My teachers would look at me when I would right ten pages when others could not even ever write a full page. I was writing a book way back then as well. I have to say that after I learned how to type it was much faster than using a pen. I have lovely handwriting. Only cos I wrote so much and thought in those days that if you were going to write and someone was going to read what you were writing you had better have good handwriting otherwise, they would squirm and dump your writing from lack of being able to read it. I have copy book handwriting.
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I served in Alpha last night. It was quite long. The video was very long as I’ve watched it so many times before. I do not like repeats. Except love stories. I love love stories. The poor young lady beside me found it quite long as she had had this very long day at work. She is an accountant and with all those numbers going round and round and round and round and people’s money arrangements, it must have been some day for her and then the resurrection.
Actually, I was taught, by video, in a ‘Preach The Gospel’ seminar that we are to take it very small steps at a time. Then it was explained to us by my mentor’s husband who is the senior pastor that people do not need it shoved down them all at once. Tiny steps at a time. People are more comfortable with this method of being reached. So the issue was the resurrection. I was sympathetic. When even just dealing with believing which is big enough that Jesus is God, then we tell someone that they must believe  that Jesus rose from the dead. As believers we, ourselves believe it. Or we can put it even this way. Even as believers we have doubts throughout our spiritual walk about things. So this poor lady just could not get the resurrection. I did not blame her as she has not yet got that Jesus is the Son of God and this actually might deter her from even the basic John 3:16. Now this was taught me that small sips off the spoon is more than enough. Then we shove the entirety …. it does not work. I mean these people have had a hundred years of experience.
You get my drift. If not, you did not do the seminar.
At least she is coming back but not in two weeks. Three. Though she did look very tired from the beginning and in the end she looked quite exhausted.

Yes, we are defined by the LORD. HIS word defines who we are and supposed to be. Even when we fail it is alright, cos in repentance, we are forgiven when we ask in Jesus’ name. We are forgiven. We may not be perfect but we serve a God who is.
Jesus Jesus Jesus

Been talking to my secondary school friends. It has been fun and my friend in my twenties. It has been a lot of fun as well and Sophie is so in love with the game. She brings back my memories of the game. I do not think I could ever be a social bowler. When you finish at the top of the game, world wise, there is no way anything less than there is possible. Think it stays for the rest of my life. But, it has been a pleasure, serving my country in the fun, but heart-break manner, when I lose.
We are going to go on summer vacation and extend it.
See a few friends. Dance with banners. See grandchildren. Just have fun. Life is a blast y’all.


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